How Being Perfectly Imperfect Changed Everything

I have always been a thinker, ever since I can remember I have pondered on the big questions:

Why are we here?

Where do we come from?

What is the meaning of life?

I used to search high and low to find the answers, but no matter how hard I looked, the results just never seemed to satisfy me.

So why worry, right? Stop thinking about it and focus on worldly things like money, being a perfect parent, having a big house, right? Well, the thing is, once you open the door to these questions, there is no going back.

I found myself falling in and out of depression for a big part of my 20s. Being an artist, I tried to use music as my outlet, which worked on and off but didn’t solve the deep-down problem. I went down the road of using anti-depressants, tried numerous alternative medicines, excessive exercise, change of scenery, you name it. Nothing seemed to work long-term. Sometimes it even made things more confusing.

So is there a universal cure for unhappiness? And more importantly, is there any meaning to all this searching?

I wish I could give you universal answers and change the world, but unfortunately, nothing is simple. What I can tell you though is this: My body is functioning a lot better. I am feeling great mentally. I am making decisions in my life that are in balance with my true self, which is positively changing my whole existence.

A change of head space has completely changed my life, and maybe it can change yours, too.

1. Letting Go is Not The Same as Giving Up.

It wasn’t until I stopped looking and letting go of a particular outcome that I realized that everything I’ll ever need and will ever need will always be right in front of me – or to be more precise, inside of me. We are our own gurus. We always have a choice, and no matter how big our problems seem at the time, all things will pass. It will get better, and if you look hard enough you might learn something from your experience.

2. There is No perfect Way to Live your Life. Perfection Comes from Accepting that Being Imperfect is Totally OK!

Realizing this literally changed my life. How many of us are living under the false pretense that there is some kind of perfect life in a perfect reality waiting for us to find it? This is it! It all starts with you. Your greatness lies within waiting to be recognized and brought to the surface. Living an extraordinary life is not just for some people, it’s for everyone. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can show the world what you really are really made of! But it’s up to you to take the first step.

3. Love All. Exclude No One.

Loving ourselves and everyone that crosses our path needs to be top priority. This love even includes the person that cut you off on the road! Life is about focusing on unity, not duality. Searching for what connects us is way more important than looking for our differences. After all, underneath the surface we all want the same thing: peace within ourselves and in the world.

4. Accept What Is and Make the Change

There is no magic cure that suits all people, no guru who knows what’s right for you better than yourself, and no one sitting on a cloud judging your every move. If you can find peace and acceptance within yourself for the way things are, you can start to make the changes necessary plant seeds of transformation. When you start nourishing these seedlings, you will begin to see some real changes happening. Remember, your mind is always free; the only thing that restricts you is your own beliefs!

Trust yourself and stay true to your nature. All answers rest within, next to peace and kindness.


Madelaine “Mirva” Vallin is a singer/ songwriter, full-time parent and a thinker. Please visit to find more info about Mirva and her music and keep updated about the latest news.


Madelaine “Mirva” Vallin

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