I Seek a Warrior

He who keeps me up at night
He who guards my heart and keeps me safe
He who moves my body in ways
That reminds me that I’m made of river tides and ocean waves
He who has depth
He who sources his joy from his pain
He who yearns to know the gift of a woman’s grace
And doesn’t tremble at the intensity of her gaze

He who is not afraid of being brought to his knees in ecstasy
Of love that’s not dressed in illusion
But love that is raw, naked, and writhing on the floor
He who runs his fingers down my body, giving greetings and thanks to each and every pore

He who isn’t afraid to lick the salty remains from the nape of my neck
After dancing all night to the rhythms of guanguanco
He who is a warrior keeping in step with the whims of his Goddess’s soul
He who dances with me even when we are apart

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About the Author | Dina Gregory

Dina Gregory is a teacher, writer, artist, and activist. Dina likes to blur the lines between her public and her private life and yearns to be as real and as honest as she can be in all of her interactions. She pushes boundaries to show that we are boundless and divine. When she isn't teaching or writing, you can find her sweating her prayers on the dance floor.

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