The Power of Love

I want to talk about love and how love is stronger than anything else.

I learned this lesson well, 17 years ago when my daughter was graduating from college. I had a broken leg and I was going through another level of the healing process, which had to deal with the abuse I went through as a little girl. I had pain, both emotionally and physically.

I was determined to still go to her graduation. But I knew I had lots of healing to do. I had to block my own emotional thoughts and pain; I did this by visualizing St. Michael at a gate, with each agonizing thought, for almost the entire four-hour drive in order to make it to her graduation.

Even though it was one of the hardest things in my life—besides everything I went through, when I was a little girl—the love was stronger.

Now, I am completely healed and I help others. I am glad I went to my daughter’s graduation, because I always have that memory of seeing my little girl in a cap and gown. I am happy I got to show her how proud I was of her. I like looking at the photo we have from that day with all of us together. I am proud that I did not let anything stop me.

We are stronger than we think. God has given us the strength and the courage and the foresight and perseverance to face  and overcome things that are very difficult. We need to go inside ourselves and pull it out and deal with it, so we can heal.

It is up to you, my friend; don’t let anything stop you from something you love or something you really want to do. No matter what happened to you in your life before, you have it in you. I am telling you from my own experience. Love is stronger. Love makes you wiser. Love makes you kinder.


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Dolores M. Miller is a poet, author, inspirational speaker, and child advocate. Dolores is married to her knight in shining armor; together, they have two children and four grandchildren. Dolores writes of love, hope, courage, and the beauty of nature. She is a soul having a human experience.

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