How to Identify A Kindred Spirit

My interest in identifying kindred spirits began in high school when I first came across the Anne of Green Gables book series. Anne had a talent for finding kindred spirits and was always overwhelmed with feelings of love and compassion for these individuals. I embarked on a lifetime journey to find kindred spirits. I also welcome you to join me in finding kindred spirits.

What Is A Kindred Spirit?

A kindred spirit is an individual whom we share a spiritual connection. The connection can occur from having lived similar experiences, sharing common interests, or a twist of fate. Upon first meeting a kindred spirit, a mystifying electric sensation overcomes your body. Consequently, the new individual does not feel like a stranger. Visually, it appears like the movie scenes where an actor states, “Have we met before?”.

Living similar experiences will bond people throughout time. The attachments are stronger when they occur with a kindred spirit. Perhaps this is why support groups function so well; you are in a room full of individuals with varying walks of life, seeking the same support. Only someone who has lived through a similar experience as you can understand the emotions you are going through. It is fulfilling and emotional to be able to connect and speak with a person who understands. The frustrated feeling of “they don’t understand” vanishes and it is replaced by safety and peace.

Sharing common interests with an individual brings you closer to her. It allows for more opportunities to spend time with that person, as well as increased enjoyment.

So what happens when you find a kindred spirit who does not match you? Let’s call it a twist of fate. Some individuals by a force that is unknown are kindred spirits without explanation. People outside the relationship are often confused by how the relationship functions. When asked, “How do you get along?”, the answer is usually a smile, shrug of the shoulders, or a response of “we just do.”

The Power Of Love

The power of love is timeless and exists in many different forms. The love of a mother, the love of a father, the love of a friend, the love of a lover, and the love of a kindred spirit. The love of a kindred spirit is special because a kindred spirit can be your mother, father, friend, or lover. A kindred spirit has no limitation on what form they take.

The love you experience when near a kindred spirit is indescribable and incomparable. To be able to say, “I have found a kindred spirit among 7 billion people” is a blessing. Higher forces exist and connect individuals with each other for a purpose. Everything happens for a reason.

Your Pet Can Be A Kindred Spirit

As if twists of fate were not odd enough, sometimes your pet can be a kindred spirit.

An animal and a human can enjoy a strong bond that cannot be broken. “Man’s best friend” is not a quote to be taken lightly.

Ancient cultures made it known how symbolic and revered certain animals were to them. A connection existed between animals and humans. A connection where traditions, folklore, and worship were created.

Finding a kindred spirit in an animal is special, whether it is your pet dog, cat, or snake. The bond which exists is a spiritual and fulfilling one. The kindred spirit of your pet will always be there for you.

I can say I have found a kindred spirit in my dog. The day after I picked out my dog, my father passed away unexpectedly. It was as if the universe knew I could not handle such a traumatic event without a kindred spirit. I did not know at the time, but now I appreciate just how much my dog has helped me move on. Just when some moments were too hard, I would feel a small wet nose come toward my face and begin to lick my tears away.

Find Good Qualities in All Individuals

Just because someone you come across does not give you that initial electric spark, does not mean you need to dismiss them or assume they are not a kindred spirit. Individuals may take some time to show their true selves or later become a kindred spirits.

In elementary school, a nun once told me, “There is no such things as a bad person, only someone who has made mistakes.”

There is good in all people. If we take the time to know them, we may be surprised at the kindred spirits that were waiting for the right time. Individuals grow from different experiences throughout their lives. Even though we may know a person, it may be later in life that we find him to be a kindred spirit. It is like befriending your elementary school bully during your college years.

Life is strange, yet every moment and person we come across has a purpose. Sometimes we keep running into an individual over the years. Only after a series of events, the kindred spirit is born.

Identifying A Kindred Spirit

Step 1: Feel The Spark

The first time you meet a kindred spirit an electric rush will fill your body and time will stop. You will feel a need to talk to this person. Relish the connection the universe has placed between you two.

Step 2: Relive The Memories

The bond of sharing a memory or experience is unique. Share the experience with an individual who has lived it and listen to their side of the story. There is never just one side to an event and it is wise to see all sides.

Step 3: Find Your Common Interests

After experiencing the surreal electrifying rush, get to know the individual. Spend time together and figure out what makes this person a kindred spirit. Identify your common interests and goals. Relish the joy of experiencing similar tastes in life and then go out there and live it.

Step 4: Leave It To Fate

Everything happens for a reason. Accept that our universe knows what it is doing. Meet and talk to people from different walks of life; it will surprise you whom you find to be a kindred spirit. Remember, some kindred spirits take a while to emerge, so be patient and let the universe take over.

Step 5: Not All Kindred Spirits Are Human

Look into your pet’s eyes and do some soul searching, as you may find the kindred spirit you have been looking for. Your pet may not be able to talk but they do communicate with gestures, affection, and attention. The love of an animal is felt from within.

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  • Renée

    Hi, thank you for this article. It is very beautiful and enlightening. I found out about kindred spirits through Anne of Green Gables also. I have a question, however. What do you do if your kindred spirit doesn’t know you exist? He’s a musician I discovered online who has similar experiences to me and I don’t know, there’s just something about him that calls to me. I’m not infatuated but I do want to know him. What do I do?