Interview with Sandy Corso, Founder of Peaceful Daily

I am honored to present a written interview with Sandy Corso, the Founder of Peaceful Daily. Sandy (and Peaceful Daily) has been a supportive partner to Women For One since the beginning in 2011 and we are forever grateful for her guidance and wisdom in growing our community. Sandy’s love and gratitude for humanity and its interconnectedness is articulately expressed below in her advice to women throughout the world. Please check out this insightful interview and visit Peaceful Daily to be inspired daily!

Sandy Corso is the Founder of Peaceful Daily, an online community that inspires its tribe to live their lives in a way that promotes compassion and connectivity. Founded on the mantra, “Think good. Eat whole. Walk far,” Peaceful Daily reaches thousands of readers each day with encouragement and recommendations focused on these themes.

Wf1: What led you to create Peaceful Daily?

Sandy: Peaceful Daily was born because of my passion and inspiration to connect like-minded people who want to bring more peace into the world!

Wf1: Tell us about the site and how it inspires you in your life?

Sandy: Peaceful Daily’s mantra is Think Good, Eat Whole, Walk Far. Each day, our subscribers receive thoughts and tips from to help them live out this mantra in their own lives. We reach people around the world with our over 300,000 tribe members. Each and every day I am inundated with messages from them filled with even more inspiration that our daily emails spark. They inspire me and I am also constantly inspired by the amazing group of contributors that share their ideas and wealth of knowledge with us to promote more peaceful, healthy living.

Wf1: How do you define the word “authenticity” and what role does it play in your life?

Sandy: When I think of authenticity, I think of being true to one’s soul. I do feel that the hardest part of being an authentic person is actually knowing what your soul longs for. We get influenced by so many things, people etc., that it’s difficult to stay centered. I believe we are born authentic and true to our souls. Unfortunately, as we grow up and get older, we move further and further away from that pure, authentic person we are suppose to be. But, the good news is that authenticity can be regained. With Peaceful Daily, we aim to help you get closer to your authentic self.

Wf1: What is the best route for pursuing authentic power?

Sandy: Trust yourself above all else and all others. When your mind gets filled with comments and judgments from others, either in the present or from the past, acknowledge that those judgments are not your truth. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones of your own. We are each responsible for our own truth and authenticity. Think about what you would do with your life if money was taken out of the equation. Find ways to do more of those things without that bank account. What gives you goose bumps and makes you feel alive? Do more of that, too. What activity do you enjoy so much that time flies by? Make more time for that activity.

Wf1: What advice would you give to women in war torn countries about being peaceful daily or seeking that space?

Sandy: It is, no doubt, difficult to find peace in times of war. The one, most important thing you can do is to go within and muster up gratitude for any little thing that you can find. Gratitude for your senses. Your eyes. Your legs. Your beating heart. Your family. Friends. Gratitude for the gift of hope and peace to come. The ability to find gratitude in the most difficult situations can be so transforming. It brings us that much closer to our authentic self and one step closer to peace.

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