The Joy of Being

Join bestselling author Melissa Joy Jonsson for a spirited exploration of the embodiment and integration of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine—deep within yourself.

Here’s what we spoke about:

8:30 Understanding what brings you joy

12:45 Leading from the heart and mind

19:00 The most epic journey of all—the one that leads you within your true self

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About the Author | Melissa Joy Jonsson

Melissa Joy Jonsson is the founder of M-Joy, a unifying “we” movement that provides a new language to experience self-love as integrity. She is best known for her ability to engage people to embrace their true authentic power by playing in the field of the heart. Melissa has been teaching popular life-transformational seminars around the world since 2008. As an intuitive coach and holistic practitioner, she has a diverse client base in more than 25 countries. Melissa spent more than a decade as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry. She is the author of Little Book of Big Potentials, Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way, and M-Joy Practically Speaking. Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She resides in San Diego, California. To learn more, please visit

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