“How to Use Humor to Speak Your Truth”: An Interview with Kristina Kuzmic

I am so happy to bring you my latest Featured Truthteller interview! It’s with Kristina Kuzmic, a hilarious vlogger I was introduced to via one of her many viral videos about the joys and agonies of parenting.

The reason Kristina was such a breath of fresh air to me, as someone who has been on a “serious” spiritual and personal growth path for years and years, is that she’s proof that truth and authenticity don’t have to be so heavy! She’s the kind of unpretentious woman you just want to sit down and have a drink with—and you’ll laugh, cry, and gain a huge dose of wisdom in the process.

Through her awesome “mom-centric” YouTube videos, which are all about what it means to raise kids and juggle life’s challenges in this crazy day and age, Kristina has struck a chord with parents and women who are tired of the boring old advice and are in need of more authenticity. Thankfully, Kristina has it in spades. She’s changing the world through her humor and realness. In fact, The Huffington Post referred to her videos as “parenting comedy at its finest,” and Kristina’s first reality show, The Ambush Cook, was chosen from among 20,000 entries to air on the Oprah Winfrey Network!

Kristina talked to me in depth about how humor and playfulness became “another way to feel more free to speak my truth.” Through her journey from growing up in war-torn Croatia, to finding a way to contribute to the world at one of her lowest points, Kristina inspired me with her life’s motto: “Everybody has something to give, and that little something can be turned into something great.”

What you’ll hear:

3:05 How Kristina Discovered Her Passion at the Lowest Point in Her Life
3:50 How Service and “Being Broken but Not Worthless” Can Provide a Path to Healing
5:20 What it Means to Stay Sane as the Mom of a Toddler, a Pre-teen, and a Teen
8:20 Confidence Comes from Service to the World, Not Owning the Latest Tablet
10:35 Kristina’s Viral Video, “4 Things a Woman Should Stop Wearing After Becoming a Mom”
11:40 Letting Go of Trying to Live Up to Other People’s Expectations
12:50 The Guilt That Comes with Motherhood—and How Not to Let It Get the Best of You
18:40 What It Means to Put Yourself Out There (Even When Others Might Judge You)
22:20 How Our Flaws Make Us Sexy
24:10 Why Humor Makes It Easier to Express What’s Real
27:35 The Biggest Lesson Kristina Learned from Her Mom

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About the Author | Kristina Kuzmic

Kristina Kuzmic has become a YouTube sensation with her “mom-centric” videos about raising children and juggling life’s challenges. With literally millions of hits for her videos, Kristina already has a voice and personality that has proven to be a hit with a massive audience. Her blog posts, which incorporate her unique insights on family-related topics, have been published on various websites, including Oprah.com and The Huffington Post.

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