Lawyers for Human Souls

We descant loudly on human rights from time to time, but our wishes are often kept silenced. Honestly speaking, do we recognize our inner needs and listen to the inner child?

​Being very busy and afraid to stay in silence all alone, filling surrounding space with comforting noise; these may be the signs of you having become a prisoner of yourself.

Skimming through my memory, one of the brightest and most heart-touching cases in my business springs to my mind—a birthday surprise I had to play a part in. It was intended to be a funny birthday joke from a wife to her husband. Sadly, an unexpected disappointment ensued.

The man had an activity he enjoyed engaging in late in the evenings and into the nights. He sent his motivational letter and a CV for a betting analyst position to one company several times in order to implement his talent to rule numbers. Unfortunately, nobody ever called him for the job interview. The decision was made to use this case as the main script for the birthday surprise.

In a spirit of birthday fun, we created a situation in which I pretended to be a recruitment manager who came to interview him, then invite him to a position he applied for. Much to our surprise, he used our premise to make the decision to quit his high-paying job right away and go out for his dream job! You can imagine his face when he finally grasped, with a bouquet in his hands, that it was just his wife’s joke! She surprises him every year, and didn’t expect him to become so devastated. He was an exemplary father, and a reputable worker who earned a respectable salary, but still he was a dreamer.

Even before the surprise, I considered all the possible actions and reactions of his. I had an extra plan in my mind in case this surprise would actually disappoint him, and I put it into action. I made a call to the company he wanted to work for—and where he thought he had landed a job—and arranged a meeting with the head of that company.  

When I tell this story, most people ask me how I got the appointment even though I was not applying for a position. It was my innocent provocation of success for the benefit for other person. I attracted their interest by telling them I had some truly important and useful information about one of their applicants. I shared the inspiring yet sad story of the surprise, proving passionately what the job position meant to the man. The conversation lasted not the arranged 15 minutes, but went on for more than an hour. A sincere care and disclosed truth will always trump a schedule.

To reach fulfillment in life, it is important enjoy who I am rather than what I can do each passing day. Once in a while, we need to restart our Computer of Life and to work with ourselves only. Don’t judge yourself for your wishes or judge others for theirs.

Nowadays we desperately need to review our dreams as we get distracted by our busy lives. Be yourself a lawyer for your soul, or find those who can help you rebuild yourself and have your true wishes rediscovered

jolita lukinych

About the Author | Jolita Lukinych

Why are you so lucky? is the question Truthteller Jolita Lukinych is often asked often. Her answer: I am a provocatrice! She provokes successful situations and opportunities. Successful results inspired her to share her experiences and insights with others so that they come up with their own ideas on how to provoke success.

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