Living In Love


Happy Valentines Day to You Lovelies!

Are You Living IN LOVE? Whether you have a romantic interest to share this holiday and everyday with, for that matter or you are a Solo Star, soaring through the universe, alone (All ONE) You are loved! You have the right to experience and express that love and…

You are absolutely 100% worthy of LOVE!

Have you ever doubted this? Many of us have and do. We base our current and future expectations of love based on past experiences and past wounds. If we were hurt in the past, we come to expect it from the future. Consciously and unconsciously, we program our reality to form to our expectations even when they contradict what we say we want. So often we harden our hearts, hedge our bets and with hold our love, not only from others, but from ourselves as well. This is not the answer my friends. Security is an illusion. If we are going to risk, what better thing to risk the tumbling down of our walls, than for love? There are many kinds of love, there is, of course, romantic love, passion and companionship; there is brotherly love, that of friends, siblings; there is parental and child love and there is Self Love; love of life, purpose, service, and meaning. And there is Agape, Universal Love.

Love does not ask us to sacrifice our true nature, our dreams or our authenticity; it enhances it and encourages it. Real love is kind, generous and inclusive.

In order to experience any kind of love, one thing is required of us, OPENING!

Love is the reward for our vulnerability, our availability.

No genuine love is possible from a closed Heart. Manipulation, bargains, endless cycles of expectation and disappointment, sure, but not love. Love requires only one thing of us and that is that we open. If we want to love in any area of our life, we must be willing to soften, to lay down de-fences and to risk. Whether you want to fulfill your dreams, have a child or open to that Soul-Mate Lover, what would you risk for love? What would you risk to live in passion either with another human or authentically with yourself? It is only ego games that perpetuate separatism and fear. In the end there is only Unity to discover, a great Reunion with Love. And we don’t have to wait to the end Love is Here, Now!

Be brave! Drop below your mind and judgments. Let Go. Love Lives!

I am honored to assist you in your journey of healing and opening to your authentic self and of course, to Love!

Contact me for a free 15 min Attunement for a limited time. Or visit my website for my special Whole Heart Healing Package available through March 31.

I love being connected to each and every one of you and wish you the best today, and on all days to come.




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About the Author | Justice Bartlett

Justice is the founder of EmBody Me, which focuses on heart-centered transformation and living. She is passionate about living fully and presently in the body, in joy, peace, ease, and comfort. Through her work, she invites you to fall in love with your being, your body, and your life.

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