Looking Good Is An Inside Job

I sometimes think we have become obsessed with the way we look and how we are being perceived. From teeth whitening, anti-aging creams and Botox to having the perfect family home, the perfect job, fame and fortune: Is this just the way of the future, or has the world gone mad for trying to fix underlying problems from the outside?

It seems every time we switch on the TV, we are either fed a portion of superfluous reality TV or adverts about how to look better, do better, which is in turn is supposed to make you feel better. According to most media outlets, the whole population has been put on a “Don’t Have Enough” or “Not Being Enough” list, often before we even have a chance to think for ourselves.

Being a mum, I sometimes question what this is all doing to our children’s self-image. So many of us adults are not even aware that everything our kids see and hear is programmed into their brains and helps to shape their reality and belief systems. Is this really what we want to feed our kids if we want them to stay happy in life by pursuing their inner purpose and living peacefully?

With so many of us striving for perfection in life and most of us feeling like we are not enough, no wonder so many of us feel so stressed out!

Now, I’m not proposing that all TV is bad or that it’s not good to use treatments/products to help reach our ultimate potential. But it’s my belief that, when we put too much trust into remedies and regimes, we also lose some trust in our own personal power to heal and change our lives. If we want to make positive change in our own and/or our children’s lives, I believe we need to flip the whole thing back to front and start by asking one simple question:

Do I love myself no matter what?

It might sound simple, but think about it: Are you OK with the way you are right now? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you”?

Self-love is the most important thing we can give ourselves. It unlocks our ultimate potential and opens the door to compassion and a happy, fulfilling life. When it comes to motivating ourselves to pursue our goals, getting to a state of unconditional self-love is one of the basic corner stones to master. All choices we make, especially the ones we are not conscious of, get coloured depending on the state of our minds. Therefore, practising mindfulness and self-love should be top priority if we want to change anything about your life.

In my experience, nothing can be changed and sustained from the outside only; it all starts from within. I believe life is not about the perfect end result, it’s the ride and the journey that will stay with us and help us become more equipped to deal with any storms ahead. It’s about believing in vision, learning to ride the waves and trying to stay open to all possibilities and outcomes. By trusting ourselves before anything else, we will help strengthen our sense of self-worth within. We all have fears, but by having the courage to “do it anyway,” we will reap the greatest rewards.

Trust in your own power to transform anything you desire in life. There is no “one size fits all,” and that’s why you are remarkable! Start asking, How am I doing? What do I really need right now? How can I help? Listen for the answers, then make the decision on what is needed and not needed in your outside environment. Don’t sell yourself cheap by believing everything you see and hear. You are a beautiful, vibrant, inspiring individual here to change the world, here to do good! We all are! Start trusting your gut feeling; go within for answers, and if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it! We are all amazing spiritual beings living on this planet for a short time, so make your life count by loving yourself and who you are unconditionally!

Beauty, fame, fortune is all perception. Life doesn’t care; it loves you no matter what, and so should you!

Mirva a.k.a Madelaine Vallin is a singer/ songwriter, full-time parent and a thinker. Please visit www.mirva.org to find more info about her music and keep updated about the latest news.

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