Master the Mind That Has a Mind of its Own

Charged and ready to rock, Truthteller Regina Cates is an author, podcaster, superhero, and positivity junkie who shares her unbridled enthusiasm for human connection and self-love. Regina offers guidance on how to master focusing on the positive, how to “go first and smile first,” and how, as a gay woman, she overcame a childhood of feeling alone and unworthy. She shares her teachings on how unraveling the steady stream of thoughts in our mind is the first step to intimacy and romancing our souls.

click to tweet “Treating other people as you want to be treated does not mean waiting for them to go first.” – Regina Cates

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About the Author | Regina Cates

Regina is an author, speaker, podcaster, blogger, positivity junkie, and cheerleader of soul. She champions the underdog and believes there is a superhero within each of us. Regina’s longing to help others live fulfilled lives is the motivating force behind everything she does . Originally from Texas, Regina and her wife, Barbara, live in Los Angeles, California with their dog, Ruby.

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4 comments to "Master the Mind That Has a Mind of its Own"

  • Candace Lake

    I really liked Regina’s take on fear mongering. Focusing on the positive aspects of life, of community and faith, is the antidote to isolation, fear and anger.

  • Rose

    I appreciate being reminded that my mind is not the most reasonable voice when making decisions. I often get waylaid by this part of me that thinks it knows everything. If I stop and feel what is right to. say and do, it is my heart that always knows the correct response. Thank you Regina for this beautiful podcast. I loved hearing it the first time and I will listen again because it is so relevant.

  • Love that there was so much of a focus on loving yourself in this podcast! And addressing that steady stream of conversation going on in our heads!! :)

  • Robin Deffenbaugh

    Super hero is right!!! I call her St. Regina! Regina is the best teacher. Regina is helping me to learn how to be the best I can be. Her positive energy is a great motivator. Learning to love myself is getting easier with Regina’s help. She is giving me the tools I need to start loving myself, When I started doing the right thing, no matter it be in relationships or jobs,finances, communication or in any situation I am starting to love myself. Thanks to Regina I am learning to Lead with my Heart~