Mentoring Each Other Along the Way

Get to know Truthteller Asha Dahya, creator and editor-in-chief of Asha brings her positive energy and passion for using media to share powerful stories and to inspire women across generations. Asha shares how she utilized blogging to connect to other women and ease her own loneliness. She has learned that mentors are invaluable in her own life, and that mentoring others has been one of the most fulfilling experiences she has found. She shares her enthusiasm for how women can promote each other and acknowledge one another, regardless of age or cultural differences. Asha also shares some of the many ways we can support other women in our lives every day, including through social media.

click to tweet “I think the world is a little less of a lonely place when we take the chance to be vulnerable with each other.” – Asha Dahya

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About the Author | Asha Dahya

Asha is a TV host and blogger. Indian by ethnicity, born in the UK, raised in Australia and now residing in Hollywood, Asha is a true millennial woman. She has hosted shows for Fox, MTV, MSN, Disney, Nickelodeon, TV Guide, and MySpace, and has worked behind the scenes on five seasons of “America’s Next Top Model.” Her most recent venture is the creating and overseeing the women’s empowerment news media site

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