Mr. Tree Man by Dian Bennick


It is an incredible feeling to have a Supermom. Her name is Dian Bennick and by all considerations at first glance she seems like a normal person. But the title is well earned.

Aside from birthing two kids and raising them expertly, my mother’s resume is amazing. She taught school in one of the most violent neighborhoods of Philadelphia for years (and thrived there along with making her students always feel valued and meaningful). She has been an inspiration to literally thousands of people as an aerobics instructor and exercise trainer for three decades (starting at age 40 when most people give up on their fitness). She has motivated thousands more through her public speeches on exercising as we age. And at the same time, she has managed to write a children’s book as well.

Certainly this level of accomplishment is worth of superhero status. Some people’s moms aggravate, some nag, some worry…and while mine occasionally does all three of those things, what she does far better is to pour her passion and drive into everything she does, whether that is providing for her family or expressing herself. Her new book is a perfect example of that. Written as a gift to her grandson Quincy, she envisioned the entire thing herself, writing and revising and hiring a graphic artist…taking no outside guidance because she wanted to maintain the integrity of the project. That sums her up well: integrity and passion.

And with those things it doesn’t matter or not if you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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