One Story Changed My Life – Now I’m Living My Dream!

Jenny Fandel had dreamt of becoming a singer her entire life. But time got away from her and at 42 years old she found herself stuck behind a desk taking attendance at a high school. Shocked and saddened by the suicide of a gifted art student, Jenny looked at her own life and realized that she too had felt lost and unworthy. This realization gave her the “aha” she needed to stand up from behind her desk and live her dream!

Experience the true story of how a woman’s forgotten dream is fulfilled. Jenny Fandel was the dean’s office assistant at a local high school. After giving up on her dream to be a singer decades ago, Jenny’s life changes forever when she returns to the office one evening to get something she had forgotten. She encounters two former students, Dalton Wiechmann and Daniel Murphy at the school. Witness the struggle of lost hope and unworthiness turn to passion as she views all walks of life from behind the desk. Watch Jenny’s story unfold and hear her dreams sing!


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