One Woman’s Win is Every Woman’s Win

The ultimate feminine woman is a safe space for other women to feel bright and empowered.

In the midst of my school run this morning, I was thinking about a great article I had just read last night on alcohol and its effects on our consciousness. I thought, I should send it to Debbie since she writes on the topic of substance recovery. She would really appreciate the findings, and she could probably write a great piece on the heels of that.

As soon as I thought of that great idea, the mean inner girl sprung up and snapped, No!!! What if she gets so much attention and success with the article and you get none? What about you? Keep it for yourself, lady!

Then my soul showed up and thought, No way. Her win is my win because one woman’s win is every woman’s win.

I had to be honest with you all, because that poisonous mindset continues to undermine women everywhere—and I want to be an agent of change.

One woman’s success brings all of us closer to the realization of our dreams and the fearless embodiment of our role as feminine trailblazers.

That type of thinking defined by lack is the smoke left in our mind by the patriarchal thought system that taught us we had to be aggressive and driven in order to fend for our own needs. But the new evolutionary, upward movement capturing the world right now is redefining success through an irreversibly different stance: to support each other in raising up our own lives, as well as the world itself.

I was bullied by my own gender when I was a little girl, and that continued well into my early teenage years, so I have experienced the mean female venom first hand—but I am not willing to pass along the mean streak.

I remember witnessing a burgeoning physical fight between two women in the NYC subway platform last year, and I got in between them, holding them apart with my skinny hands by shouting, “WE ARE SISTERS—what are you ladies thinking???” and although one protested by saying that I didn’t understand what her adversary had done to her, they both walked away. Yes, I do understand the sensation of having nails dug into my esteem, my worth, and my sovereignty as a woman, and it is for that very reason that I intend on reigniting that spark of sovereign solidarity within the women of my world.

We can no longer afford to think with sticks and stones in our mind but with a firm conviction that we are more powerful when we are united.

Every time we dip our mind into the murky waters of female discrimination, we move backwards in time and we hurt our very own progress towards equality and meaningful fulfillment of our feminine strengths and gifts.

When I believe in a sister’s power and ability to shine brightly among the stars, I also affirm my own capacity to do the same. We are not here to “out-man” each other. We are here to nurture and nourish each other’s wondrous dreams, especially when we cannot do so for our ourselves.

I pray that when I lose total faith in my strange and unique path, a sister will compassionately rise from nowhere to tell me that ALL of our work matters because we are forming a sacred network of sistarhood, and that one less feminine light alters the macrocosm of womanhood.

I pray that I will do that for a sister when she needs it the most—to pick up the slack and tie a ribbon of resplendent hope and encouragement around her depleted and exhausted dreams.

Can we make a quiet, personal vow to become a safe, sacred space for other women to expose their brightness, their intelligence, and their beauty without questioning our very own?

Can we map out jealousy as a signal to return to our relationship with ourselves and to nurture it until it is bursting with self-esteem so that we may be anchored enough in our soul and not divert to insecurity?

I know this seems like a lofty, unreasonably high ideal—but sistars, we must shoot for the highest spot in the whole universe if we want to walk as if we were the one brilliant star shining in the most brilliant firmament.

I know when I internally bow to a sistar’s light, I ignite my own light and the light of all women to come.

It is our love for each other that will bring everyone into the silky fold of feminine empowerment.

Let’s be feminists for each other, not mean girls against the whole world.

Thank you for reading.

In the name of sistarhood,
Lyna Rose

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About the Author | Lyna Rose

Lyna Rose is an author, a happy mama, and a creativity coach who is spending one year in Provence to complete her upcoming book and to study natural self-healing. Passionate about creativity and feminism, she is launching a blog based on all things nourishing this Summer called Shalom Rose.

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3 comments to "One Woman’s Win is Every Woman’s Win"

  • Linda

    I absolutely love this story. Thank you for sharing and for reminding me that one win is a win for all!

  • Charlie

    Wow, Lyna, I’ve read a little of your recent book ‘Enlighten your life’ and was busy falling in love with the sense you.
    Nothing real can be threatened so anyone, man or woman cannot be a threat to you. Only if your mind has thoughts of separation can you experience yourself as something distinct from your reality, love. I think you know you cannot go home without all those you encounter. In fact it’s safe to say you need those encounters which are tricky so you can forgive the illusions of your dream.
    You are perfect love, nothing unreal exists, that’s anything else. There is only love, the rest is made up in your wrong minded thoughts, a temporary bad dream.
    With much love: You are appearing as a beautiful woman with a recently observed spirited spiritual grace for your own lessons. If patriarchy disturbs your peace then that is exactly what you need to release yourself from your dream. That is the block to the awareness of loves presence and it’s taking place in your thought structure – forgive and release – then return to peace…
    I’m going on uninvited x