Over the Moon: Meeting My Husband Soon!

Part 1.

So, this is a funny and sad story.

After marriage, my husband moved to the U.S. in January 2014, and I was left in India. I had a very wonderful life, with a great job and friends. I was living with my parents at that time, since my job was in Ahmedabad, where my parents live.

I was waiting for some documentation from my hubby to get a visa and fly to the U.S. Sometime in April, I got the documents and applied for a visa. My interview was in Delhi, so I flew to Delhi, stayed with friends, and gave an interview for a visa. I yearned to travel to the U.S. and waited to get an update on my visa status, so after seven days of waiting long and patiently, I finally heard from the consulate. I got an email that told me my passport was ready for pickup. At this point, I still wasn’t sure if I would be meeting my hubby soon or if it was going to linger more. The next day I went to the courier’s office in Ahmedabad to pick up my passport.

It was a sleepless and anxious night for me, and I woke up at 6 in the morning with the same thought as last night: What if I didn’t get my visa? Would I have to be apart from my hubby? Oh no…that sad feeling…

My dad accompanied me to the office, and I as soon as I picked up the passport, I hurried to open it. However, because of the plastic cover, I failed. I found scissors at the reception desk, and I eagerly cut the cover and unfolded the pages of my passport to see any stamps that might be there. I was over the moon when I saw that my visa had been approved. I was going to reunite with my husband!

Part 2.

On the first week of April, I broke the news of leaving my job to my boss. He was very happy and conveyed his best wishes. I enjoyed my last working day with a big farewell party.

I planned my journey abroad in May, and in the meantime, I thought to do some shopping, spend quality time with family, and meet up with friends, considering I didn’t know when I would see them again. I knew some of my friends who did not visit their family in India after moving to other countries.

I started shopping, especially for Indian attire, which I believed I would not get in the U.S. that easily (how things have changed!). I began packing and weighing my suitcase to follow the regulations. I ate all my favorite street food such as panipuri, chaat, samosa, and kachori—with the sense that I wouldn’t get these delicacies abroad. Also, my mom cooked everything I liked eating.

Usually people are very emotional when they are on verge of leaving their family and going abroad. However, in my case, I was super excited like every newlywed, hoping for a lifetime of love and happiness. Finally, the day came and the airplane was waiting for me, ready to carry me into a new life.

Part 3.

Coming soon…


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