Perfect love. Imperfect people.

There has been thinness, but far more thick.
There has been sickness, but far more health.
There have been bad times, but far more good.

We are only human. We can neither offer nor expect anything more from ourselves or each other. Our lives may not glisten in the sunlight of perfection, but they are ours. Our lives may not be shiny and clean, rather they are flawed and real, but no one else can have the ones we claim. They are ours, mine. When it comes down to it, our lives are all that we really have. When it comes down to it, life is all that each of us really needs.

Today marks 13 years of marriage. One awesome kid. A couple of careers. A few (too many) pets. Lots of friends. Half a dozen moves, and one growing landscaping company. I look back at all the times of thick and thin, of sickness and health, of bad and good, and I’m proud to know that, regardless of what we are faced with, we have each other’s backs. Regardless of what we go through, we can get through it. I can. He can. We can. We have. We are only human, but together we are a team.

And that is what love means to me.

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