Pondering Pool

Pondering Pool is more than a card line, it’s a place where being different isn’t a flaw, but a blessing.

At the heart of the Pool are its sweet characters: quite imperfect, funny, relentlessly honest, and in various stages of struggle and healing. It was born for the most part in my sister Diane Hope’s living room, as a byproduct of the way we dealt with our issues—through humor and an incessant need to speak truthfully about the hard stuff. We allowed ourselves to play, braid our unraveled ends into beautiful bows, and wear them proudly. My exaggeration of the characters’ shortcomings, both physical and emotional, only made them more lovable. Like us, they’d be the first to laugh at themselves.

Creating Pondering Pool turned out to be very cathartic, not only for me and Diane, but much to my surprise, people throughout the world. For this, I’m deeply grateful.

Having known and loved someone that many considered to be different and scary, I feel it’s imperative to speak up. I’d love to help erase the stigma surrounding folks that don’t fit the norm, for whatever reason, so what’s noticed is their incredible gifts.

Pondering Pool offers 102 cards and posters, as well as Leaks, a book of drawings and prose from the deep end of the Pool. To order, visit www.ponderingpool.com.

About the Author | Susan Mrosek

Artist and writer Susan Mrosek is widely known for her humorous, thought-provoking insights as depicted in her internationally sold card line, Pondering Pool. She’s currently writing a book relaying the poignant story of herself and her sister, Diane Hope, who passed in 2008, and who suffered from severe OCD. Susan lives and creates in her tiny Tucson, AZ, studio.

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27 comments to "Pondering Pool"

  • Cassandra Sharron

    I love every bit of your work. It’s A big internet world, and so what! Your Bigger!!!
    Thank you

  • Bidgie Weber

    Susan Mrosek, do you write each one of your pieces? I just get my head wrapped around your work.
    You must be the most interesting person on the planet. I “try” to write but when i read a talent like you I
    realize that there is no one who comes close to your work. I received my order today “Leaks” . OMG i can’t put it down ONE OF A KIND! i can’t wait to get your new book. i sent your cards to my friends who also love them. a fan

    • Susan

      Bidgie, I’m humbled by your kind words. Thank you.

      Yes, I write all the cards, etc. So happy you’re enjoying Leaks! At some point, I intend to publish its sequel, “Still Leaking”.

      My way of writing involves lots of play – with words, imagination, feelings, etc. When I “try” to write, it never goes well. Playing is a must. Keep at it.

  • Cynthia

    I have loved your work for quite some time, and every chance I get, I introduce you to everyone. Keep inspiring us❤️

  • Ann Mac Nevin

    Belated condolences on the death of your sister, Diane.
    She sounds like she was a lot, but mostly…wonderful for you.
    I understand, from reading interviews, that it’s opened more light,
    lowered the raised shoulder burden, that such love can be.
    Found your work a number of years ago and bought a few cards, some,
    just to keep, a few to send to friends who deserved them.
    Your work, makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me weep…
    and that can be all from the same card ! 🤣🤔😢
    Carry on. Thank you for creating such thoughtful human gems.
    Warmest regards, Ann

    • Susan

      Thanks so much for the condolences, Ann. Diane was a handful, but
      she definitely gave me far more than she took. Good news is, my
      shoulders have now returned to their original location.

      I’m truly happy my work touches the many parts of you.

      Take care.

  • Kelly Hall

    I just discovered you and your work by “accident” today. I’m left speechless by your uncanny gift to capture the deep emotions of my heart!! You are absolutely beyond amazing!!! I’m at work and haven’t been able to explore your work more fully but I will when I get home tonight. In the interim where would I find your art for sale! I want / need the”[f]or once in her life, the beauty that she is speaks louder than its opposition.” That will be ME SOMEDAY!!

    A new raving fan!


  • kathleen ferrell

    Love, Love , Love your work!!! it makes me laugh , cry , sad. Very thought provoking!!! Your work really hit home for me!! Thank You!!
    So sorry to hear about your sister!! What an inspiration you are!!!

  • Sharyn

    I just discovered “you” in a local art museum, and fell in love. You say what one’s heart feels but with grace and spirit. Thank you. God gave you a beautiful gift which you are passing along to others.

  • Cindy Hlavac

    Hello Susan — I was given one of your extraordinary, glowing cards from your “Pondering Pond” collection & it attracted me immediately to your spiritual artistry. I am trying to find a website where you may possibly sell some of your actual paintings, but have searched high & low — I did see that, I believe U may have a small gallery in Tucson. I would be very appreciative to learn if U sell actual oils of your work. I have just placed my order for 2 sets of your magnificent cards & cannot wait to send these special gems 💎 to the special people who touch me personally. Bless your golden hands, mind, creativity, spiritual connection to humankind & the generous sharing of your God/self given talents.🙏🦩💕

    • Susan


      Thanks so much for your kind words — I’m truly happy you enjoy my work. The cards
      are painted digitally, therefore there are no originals. However here’s a link to my “other”
      paintings: https://www.ponderingpool.com/Art/landingpage.html.

      You mentioned placing an order though I don’t see one from you. Don’t want you waiting
      for cards that may never arrive.

      Please holler if you have any further questions. And, above all, stay safe.


  • Cindy Hlavac

    Oops ….meant “Pondering Pool” collection of cards.😘👍

  • Glee Bilderback

    I bought a few of your cards and then a few more, can’t bring myself to
    mail them. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us. Read
    Leaks last night. Love your style.  Glee

  • Judy Belfiore

    I love your work. When I purchase your cards to send, my hope is that they get the meaning behind them….

    Also I went to grade school with a Billy Mrosek, (Elyria, Oh) couldn’t possibly be the same one?? And if it should be, how lucky for him.

    • Susan

      So glad you enjoy my work, Judy. I wasn’t at all sure anyone would “get” it at first, but surprise! There are many of us with peculiar minds.

      Yes, it’s the same “Billy” (still cracks me up) Mrosek. Can’t believe you went to grade school with him. Too funny. Incredibly small world. I feel lucky, too.

      Be well.

  • Jenny Holley


    My sister gave me my first card a few years ago after she moved across the country from me. She said it reminded her of me. It was, “I stand, I reach, I yearn, I bellow…” Since then I have given many cards to friends. I choose the one that makes me think of them and write a little note then attach the card to a frame so they can see it always. I also have my “gallery” wall in my home entryway, with framed, different sized prints so everyone who visits me can see the art that I love and get a glimpse of what’s to come inside my home.

    Thank you for sharing gifts.

    • Susan

      Jenny, your use of my art is heartwarming. I love the way you gift the cards and even more, how much you care for your friends. So beautiful. It does sounds like you “Live”. Thank you for sharing.

  • Eleanor Grande

    Your card line, Susan, is featured at one of our local alternative, high-consciousness shops
    here in the small town of Clinton, Iowa. I immediately fell in love with the magic I saw
    and read! In fact, if you accept submissions of out-of-the-norm Poetry, I would
    love to send you a few and see if you would be at all interested in putting your
    artwork/drawings to the words—and, I guess, building me a “personalized Card Line”,
    with you as the ‘publisher’, ‘interpreter'(?), if you will. For pay, of course.

    I am so very sorry about your losing your wonderful sister, and still being able to
    offer your creations to the world, with her by your side, Spiritually.
    What a wonderful ongoing legacy, Susan.

    I look forward to having a conversation with you sometime in the near future.

    Thank you.

    In peace and healing,


    • Susan

      I’m so happy you enjoy my work, Eleanor. And I thank you for your kind words and condolences — they’re truly appreciated. I’ll contact you in a separate email regarding your inquiry.

      Be well