The Power of Self-Awareness…Your Truth Revealed

Where does your inner voice come from? Is it based in fear, or is it based in love? Truthteller Juliet Turalski reminds us that our own truths are based on what is happening inside of our bodies and minds. By acknowledging both the fear and the love, we can discover so much by giving ourselves the space to be self-aware. This video story was a great reminder for me that we don’t have to hide the “bad” feelings that come up for us; instead, we can acknowledge and love those parts of ourselves, too, and open ourselves to authenticity and beauty from within.

About the Author | Juliet Turalski

As a leader in the personal development community, Juliet Turalski helps people understand their intrinsic needs and emotional intelligence, allowing them to self-actualize in their personal life, work, and relationships. Her mission focuses on the emergence of the "New Template" as a catalyst for individuals to evolve their purpose and thrive.

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