Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

One in four people around the world experience some sort of mental health issue during their lifetime. Yet, mental health and mental illness are shrouded in silence. Meet Truthteller Amy White, a coach to caregivers. When her son experienced a mental health crisis, she experienced the loneliness, shame, and blame that often accompanies mental health issues in our country. Over time, she learned to unravel the blame and began the process of excavating her own soul to make sense of what she was feeling. Today, she supports parents, family members, friends, and other caregivers of those living with mental health challenges, teaching them to stay balanced and healthy. She also tells us how we can reach out to help others every day, and inspires us to represent humanity at its greatest.

click to tweet “By telling my story, I thought I could break the silence and shatter the stigma that often comes along with mental illness.” – Amy White

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About the Author | Amy White

Amy White is International Best Selling Author, Intuitive Coach and Mental Health Advocate. Amy writes the blog Far From Paradise, sharing the lessons, challenges, insights and heartache, as well as her own personal healing journey, following her son’s mental health crisis.

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  • Linda blankenship

    Thank you. I look forward to more of these inspiring messages. Having depression since childhood , I have concluded that setting it aside whenever I can in order to do something productive for others is better than therapy. That and my promise (usually broken) to meditate! But I always feel alone, even surrounded by family and friends.