Radiate from the Inside Out

According to Anahita Joon, beauty is a spiritual principle. Mother Nature makes no mistakes, she tells us, and every woman has a natural beauty just waiting to be released to brighten the world. Anahita shares how she veered away from the traditional academic path her family expected her to follow, and instead chose to follow the wisdom of her heart. In doing so, she has forged a career in guiding women to connect with their inner radiance, giving us each permission to honor what makes us feel beautiful and fully alive. She tells us to trust that, when we embrace our radiance, the world will embrace it as well.

click to tweet “People love to see a woman owning her beauty and radiance.” – Anahita Joon

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About the Author | Anahita Joon Tehrani

Anahita Joon is a transformational coach working with women in the area of authentic self-expression. Anahita's work is highly experiential and includes exploring the connection between sexuality and creativity, as well as using style as an access for self expression. Born and raised in Iran, Anahita is deeply committed healing powers of unbridled creative expression.

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