Releasing PERFECTionism!!


Hi, I’m Candace van Dell, a fashion model and actress turned spiritual psychology coach.  As a child I was very intuitive and could “see” beyond what was considered normal.  I could read auras and I just did things differently.  Because of this I was diagnosed at age seven as having ADHD.  I had a high I.Q. but did not conform and therefore did not “fit in” to the way our system was set up.  I saw the world in a very holistic way and unfortunately I was greatly misunderstood.  Ultimately that holistic perspective is what brought me to my own truth and is the gift I use to help others reconnect to their authentic self.

Due to this over whelming feeling of being different or doing things wrong, I began to feel that there was something “wrong” with me.  I began to abandon myself and started looking for how things “should” be done, how I “should” feel and so on.  I became a model when I was fifteen and I traveled the world extensively.  I had found where I “fit” and I mastered the societal ideal.  But I was miserable.  I had traded in my real for an ideal.  Who was I living for? I was doing everything “right” but feeling so wrong.  I was pleasing others but I certainly was NOT pleasing myself.

For fifteen years I lived one foot in and one foot out trying to make peace with myself and with the world.  Three years ago I quit the fight, I was done hearing any and all chatter and I went within.  For two years I took a Masters program in spiritual psychology and I put all my effort into reconnecting to my intuition.  I stopped thinking and I started feeling.  When I stopped judging what I felt and allowed it to guide me, I found a wisdom I had never known before.  I call this the “wise guide inside” and it is now the leader of my life.  We are not meant to “fit in” we are meant to be authentic and “stand out”.

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