Replace a “Hell No” for a “Hell Yes” and transform your life!

I am on the journey of writing my first book.

I’ve taken action towards achieving my dream by claiming it in public and taking real steps towards making it happen. I went to an amazing writing retreat last week and got clarity, focus and practical steps to get my book proposal ready so I can get it published by a publishing house.

When I returned to Hawaii last weekend, I thought it was going to be easy to start writing as I had so much enthusiasm after the retreat.

Reality hit when I got back to my life and found that my calendar was full of tasks and chores that I needed to do if I wanted to keep growing my business.

I thought, “Oh well, on Tuesday I’ll be able to write.” But then Tuesday came around and I had business calls to make, marketing duties to take care of, and emails to respond to. I never got to my book.
The same things happened in the days that followed. I felt as if the calendar was “sucking” my energy and the Universe wasn’t letting me get to my “Hell Yeah!”. I became a victim of my circumstances.

Not cool.

If you haven’t read my blogs before, the “Hell Yeah” is my inner barometer that shows me where my love and my joy are at.

For example, surfing epic waves is a total Hell Yeah for me. Coaching clients that are eager to implement new tools is another Hell Yeah for me. Doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen, not so much!
Days passed and I finally had to put a stop to it all. For the first time I was feeling choked with my creation: I created my reality, my business, my schedule and the duties and commitments that I made with others, and it wasn’t working anymore for me.

I realized that in order to go for my Hell Yeahs, I needed to let go of a few (or a ton) of Hell No’s!
I often say that in order to manifest abundance and live our dreams, one of the Keys that allows abundance to come into our lives is what I call “making space”.

It was time for me to make space in my life to get this book ready. I also realized that not only is the book important, but my day- to -day moments are as well. Even if I wasn’t moving towards such a big goal such as writing my book, I realized that lately I had not been enjoying my days because I was so busy with things that were not my total Hell Yeah.

So I picked up the phone and started canceling appointments with people left and right. Every time I saw something in my calendar, I asked myself: Is it a total Hell Yeah? If it wasn’t, out it went. Some things were not bad and I wasn’t disgusted by doing them, but the question was: Do I want to put my time in here or would I rather put it towards writing my book?

The funny thing is that we often think that we need to do certain things to grow our businesses or to please others. But in reality we don’t.

All we need to do is follow the movement of joy and enthusiasm, and that will bring us to abundance!

For example, I am truly excited to share this mini story with you:

I am coaching an amazing man (yes!!! I also work with men here and there), and in only two sessions his life has started to change dramatically for the good.

He has been very stressed trying to generate money in a new industry that he moved into during the last few years. He has a wife and kids, and nothing seemed to be moving fast enough for him. This brought him to worry and fear about being able to support his family.

Deals were never sealed and money was not coming along. So he worked harder, pushed harder, got more stressed. He tried every angle to sign up clients and get some deals done. But he forgot about the things that bring him joy, fun and peace. For the last few years his life was all about working, pushing, forcing.

Together, we worked on finding moments of joy in his day. Every time he would have an open slot in his calendar throughout the day, instead of trying to go and line up more clients, I asked him to use the little time to do something that he loved. I explained that when we tap into the joy and love that is present RIGHT NOW, that energy takes us to more in the next moment. It expands.

Today I received an email from him telling me that in the last week, he started giving himself more time to do the things that he enjoyed, and he closed two deals (after months!). One of them closed, while on a bike ride when he had stopped to eat mulberries under a tree.
It is simple! This really works! When we put more ”Hell Yeahs” in our day to day, we start living a “Hell Yeah life”.

But in order to get there, we need to make space, clear our minds, and give up some of the things that don’t makes us joyful anymore.

For example, one of the scheduled tasks in my calendar for this week was:
- Wake up at 4.45 am to go to Cross Fit on Thursday and Friday

I usually love doing this, but this week I was so tired that it seemed like a torture.

Instead I:
Woke up at 8.30 am and had breakfast in bed while reading the new Glamour magazine. Then I went surfing. Hell to the Yes!

It may take a while to get rid of our Hell No’s in our schedule.

You may think: “It’s not as easy as you make it sound. If I don’t do ______ everything will fall apart”.

If that’s the case, then ask yourself:

What would really happen if you didn’t do it?

Would you die? I don’t think so!

Then what is the worst that could happen?

Would you starve?

Would you lose your home?

Hmmmm, most probably not.

Oh, I get it:

Maybe you won’t be liked by others? They won’t approve of you?

Uh, we are getting somewhere now, right?

Yes, maybe someone will dislike you if you don’t show up to their event, and then what could happen?

Well, they’ll have to get over it! Or not.

It doesn’t matter what others do, what matters is what makes you feel good!

When I asked my husband last night if I should go to Cross Fit at 5 am because I had committed to car pool with my training buddy, he simply said, “Go because you want to go, but don’t just go because of someone else!”. One minute later, I called my friend and said “I’m not going.” He said O.K.
I slept in and now I’m writing this blog. Thank God!

Just imagine what would happen if you eliminated one HELL NO from your week. What would you do with that time?

Now imagine that you eliminated one Hell No from your every day! Oh, that gets exciting!
What would you create?

Mercedes Maidana, Abundance Coach, Motivational Speaker and Patagonia Surf Ambassador

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About the Author | Mercedes Maidana

Mercedes is a motivational speaker, abundance business and life coach, and surf ambassador for Patagonia. She is a three-time consecutive finalist at the XXL Billabong Big Wave Awards, nominated as one of the top three female big wave surfers in the world in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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