Rising Spiritually Above Fear and Violence

As children, free and in peacefully, my sister and I played all day in a large garden, through my family’s grace, far from the grown-up’s chatter.

And the garden revealed its secrets to us.

As I grew, nature itself anywhere continued to be our garden.
And even if women were not allowed the freedom of men, still felt I must be free.

And I did. I did not long for the freedom of men, like those bullies who violate others, but to seek the great beauty in the solitude of nature and love.

Nature’s beauty taught me more than any university or church.

Before I could overcome fears of women for the violence of men or of the world, I have to face and overcome fear and violence in myself.
Then, violence of others can no longer touch my inner self.

If someone would violate me, even sexually, it would not touch my soul.
So it is. No one ever violated me in spirit, even when he attempted to.

All fear and violence of this world could not stop me from being a free spirit.

From asking my fellow humans, my sisters or brothers, that through understanding we may restore nature’s beauty, and cohabit in freedom and peace, in this magic garden on Earth.

Geraldine Fonseca Chapman
(van Chapman)



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