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Hi everyone! We have gotten an incredible response about Sammamish W2O and their mission. Their model of fundraising can be easily replicated in communities throughout the world through the grassroots efforts of motivated citizens to “give back” to their community. It’s as simple as finding a cause you care about enough to inform and inspire your friends to give of their time and resources –and putting in the effort to host an event!

In the past several years, Sammamish W2O has reached out to and informed almost 100 people per party. Additionally, they have supported the following organizations: Soulumination, Gilda’s Club, Art with Heart, Youthcare Orion Center, Hopelink, Issaquah Food Bank, Child Life Center at Childrens Hospital, Northwest Hope & Healing, and Operation Bald Eagle.

We asked Sammamish W2O’s current members to tell us how being involved with this organization has impacted them. Here’s what they had to say:

“Everyone has a personal journey and story that can be life changing when you listen to it with an open heart – W20 events allow us to tap into ordinary lives that are making a big difference and for me that is awe inspiring. The folks we have met through W20 are some of the purest souls and the most extraordinary. They have challenged me to think beyond my normal course and to recognize how much we all can do in our own communities.” Steph D

“I felt called to get involved with W2O because I have a heart for helping others feel connected and cared for…what I didn’t realize is that the opportunity to serve others through the organizations we’ve partnered with would invigorate my own personal faith and also reveal to me an unexpected view of my life’s purpose.” – Karen C

“I got involved with W2O because I believe that we are called to serve others and W2O accomplishes this in two ways. First, we have been able to give some wonderful organizations a voice and a platform. The incredible people that we have met on this journey exemplify serving! Second, by connecting the women in our community together and to the groups we have sponsored, W2O has given all of us a mechanism to get involved, beyond simply giving at our events. And I am awed by how I continually see God working in our community. I truly am blessed to be a part of this!” – Stephanie A

W2O’s next upcoming event is supporting Child Haven Saturday, October 22nd at 7:30 pm hosted in a private home.

I encourage you to go to: or to email to find out more information about future events hosted Sammamish W2O.

FINALLY: A Question for Readers: How have you felt moved to make a difference in your community or in the world? What steps can you take each day? Please tell us! We want to know!

Stay tuned next week for our CHALLENGE TO GIVE! We will be asking you to tell all of your friends about Sammamish W2O and the next organization they are sponsoring to see how many people we can affect in one day.

With Great Respect and Love,

Kelly at Women For One



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