To Love a Woman Like Me

To love a woman like me is to love a storm—to be scared of jumping to danger and terrified of resisting.

To love a woman like me is to know why our hearts race.
We will never care about money, cars, or houses with white picket fences.
We will never be your perfect, well-behaved queen.
We are badass Goddesses
And we know it.

We will never settle for a king,
We are waiting on a god.
He will stand by our side not as our rescuing hero, but as our equal.
We do not need saving.
We are already living the fairy-tale.
We are the heroines of our stories.

We mess up often, but we never give in to failure.
We wear our scars like exotic body art.
To love us is to embrace our madness—to adore our many flaws.

We love fiercely and do not apologize for it.
To be with us is to be worthy of our commitment,
To love us is to be brave.

To love a woman like me is to know we live for laughter and tears of pure joy,
The little moments are the reason we breathe.

We live to see nature change clothes.

We spend our springs smelling flowers or lying under a tree—listening to a bird’s beautiful melody as the warm breeze drifts on our wild uncombed hair. We are butterflies in a meadow.

We live to dive into the crystal water of the sea during a hot summer’s day—dance all night to the rhythm of creation as sand brushes on our toes.

We do not carry umbrellas in the rain. We live to feel the delicate touch of golden leaves on our stunning bodies.

We play like children in the snow and drink hot chocolate that warms our hearts.

We live for the noise of the big city and its shinning lights—and we could not do without the peace of the country side.

We run all day chasing dreams and sunsets, because we live to witness the breathtaking wonders of existence.

To love us is to take the scenic route of this crazy adventurous life.

To love us is to ferociously rage to the loud music of the party.

To love us is to lay in the quiet as we rest our heads on your chest, falling asleep to the song of your heartbeat.

We live for the kiss underneath the moonlight—the indescribable chills when we touch.

We rapture when you call our names and whisper, “I love you” in our ears.

We fly when you shout it from the top of the mountains to let mankind know.

We would climb just to shout, “I love you, too!”

We hold your hand, not because we are afraid of walking alone, but to share our happiness with you.

To love us is to be a dreamy fool.

To love a woman like me is to be true to your soul’s light.

We strive to put smiles on people’s faces and hope to someday shake the world.

We have shattered our childish egos and have chosen to live from our core.

To love us is to do the same.

To love us is to be humble.

To love a woman like me is to recognize the fire tumbling from our eyes and choose to be consumed by flames of passion.

To love a woman like me is to choose the storm—always.

To love a woman like me is to have been trusted by the universe to hold its powers in your arms.

Are you bold enough to love a woman like me?

Ersa Llakmani

About the Author | Ersa Llakmani

Ersa Llakmani is pursuing her passions in writing and architecture. She is a dreamer, lover, and fighter—a hopeless romantic. Ersa is a sucker for marathons, Spartan races, and boxing. She has been writing from a very early age in her native language, Albanian. She finds inspiration in nature, people she encounters in her travels, everyday human struggle, love, and life. She is an untamed soul, a unique event in the universe.

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