Story of BodyOpolis


Have you ever heard of a wondrous place called BodyOpolis? No, it’s not up in space.

It’s closer to you than you might even know; in fact, it’s within you from your head to your toe.

(excerpt from Admiral A)

Welcome to BodyOpolis®

The city within your body!  

Do you know a child who is a picky eater? Are you tired of trying to get your kids to practice healthy habits? Do you love wellness, but get overwhelmed with the massive amount of information out there? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, BodyOpolis is for you!!   

I’m the author/creator, Karen Ullery, a mother of two who didn’t want to force her kids into healthy habits…so she found a better way! My first book, BodyOpolis and the Vitamin Heroes: Admiral A, was released on June 24, 2017. Children and parents alike will love learning about Vitamin A and how to put him into action with this colorful, fun book about taking care of your own BodyOpolis (Ages 4–8).  

BodyOpolis was created with the intention to make wellness SIMPLE, FUN, and INSPIRING for kids (and parents) of all ages by focusing on the POSITIVE GOODNESS that whole foods and certain health practices offer the body.  

Admiral A is the first book in the vitamin hero series that will soon include: The B-Squad, Captain C, Doctor D, Miss E, and King K. The B-Squad will be available Spring 2018. The future will bring an entire wellness series including many other roots to wellness, such as Sleep, Movement, Stillness, and Breath.

Each BodyOpolis book:

  • Introduces you to a new vitamin hero
  • Explains the vitamin’s benefits
  • Showcases sources of the vitamin
  • Offers fun ways to put this knowledge into action with easy recipes, colorful food art, and    activities to get your hands dirty and learn where whole food comes from

My inspirations for writing BodyOpolis:  

  • KIDS. I love them. I am a kid at heart.  
  • PASSION. I love Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Dance, Yoga, Breath, Nature, Creating…
  • MY KIDS. I wanted to INSPIRE (not force) them to take good care of their bodies.
  • MOTIVATION. I believe in intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic. It works.
  • SIMPLIFY. Information Overwhelm = UGH! My Mantra: KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid
  • FUN. I’m all about bringing the Life, the Dance, the Song, and the Color into everything.
  • CONNECTION. Share, bond, and connect. I love people. If I can help, I will.
  • GOD. BodyOpolis is dedicated to God (Source, Creator, Divine Love, Universal Flow, the Force…whatever one chooses to call it). I believe in this force of LOVE, and I want to thank God for being a constant wellspring of love and inspiration, and for this miraculous download! May we uplift, unify, and bring wellness to ALL with this little sprinkle of love!

What YOU will get out of this book:  

Here’s what people are saying:

This book is fun, entertaining and it works! After reading Admiral A to my four-year-old grand-daughter, she insisted on having carrots for breakfast! — D. Slye, Grandmother

What a fun way to introduce and get children interested in good nutrition. I read this with a class of first graders and they were engaged, interested, and excited about the adventures of Admiral A. I love that there are fun ideas at the back of the book to give parents and children ideas to easily add healthy foods with vitamin A to their diet. If you are looking to get your child or students interested in eating healthy foods, this is the book for you. — AG, Parent and teacher

Very cute book. My four-year-old is a very picky eater and has been more excited about trying new foods and willing to eat a more balanced meal since reading this book. —David, Parent

In a world where packaged foods predominate, this book brings back to LIFE the importance of eating fresh food. The way BodyOpolis touches on the creative imagination of a child while still upholding the intricate science of nutrition is captivating for ALL ages! Admiral A is leading the way towards nourishment in LIVING COLOR. Savor and repeat. —Ellie Kempton MSN, RD, Simply Nourished Nutrition

BodyOpolis and the Vitamin Heroes: Admiral A (Volume 1)

Ten percent of book proceeds go to feeding children in need.

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About the Author | Karen Ullery

Karen Ullery is the author of BodyOpolis, a wellness series promoting healthy families in a fun, simple, and inspiring way.  Karen is from Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington, where she taught corporate fitness classes, and served as a cheerleader. She was a National Trainer for Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers, where she supported the company’s expansion throughout the United States and Canada.  Karen lives with her husband and two children in Kirkland, Washington, where she enjoys writing, illustrating, and teaching others to take care of themselves in her private yoga and wellness business, Life’s Energy With Karen.

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