The Goddess (Spoken-Word Poem Video)

I wrote this poem as a reminder to all that we have a very powerful tool at our disposal which we sometimes doubt: our intuition. In particular, I wanted to remind women of this—for it to be a celebration of the everyday heroes, just living their truth and taking care of their mental health (we all know it’s a journey).

From every amazing, strong woman out there, to the billions that have come before, I salute you. With so much advertising and media being shoved down our throats at every turn, tapping into our insecurities and accentuating our fears, I wanted to accentuate our connectedness, our enough-ness.

This is not a “burn your bra”-type feminist stance. I recognize that we are all made up of masculine and feminine energies, but I believe that you need to make peace with yourself, then share peace with the world. I implore you, man or woman, to get in touch with your inner Goddess. She’s in there! And she’s powerful.

[arve url=”” thumbnail=”” title=”The Goddess” description=”Directed By Abby Yael & Carolina Diaz Music By Scott Holmes Poem By Abby Yael” upload_date=”2016-12-28″ duration=”2M58S” /]


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