The Key to Magic and Manifesting

ONE of the key ingredients to magic and manifestation is to acknowledge your sublime magnificence. In fact, I would venture as far as to say if I could practice only one manifesting technique, it would be self-love.

Self-love is the pull that connects us with the all-present and loving creative force that responds to our desires. Whether you call it Universe, God, Spirit, Source, Field of Infinite Possibility, or Higher Power, when we become aligned with this presence, everything that is right for us flows to us quickly and naturally.

Your capacity to enjoy who you are contributes to your ability to manifest your desires because:

•When you are being loving towards yourself you emit a strong vibration that tells the Universe that you are good enough and deserving of all the good it has in store for you.

•Your feelings are your point of attraction. The more you can feel good and appreciative of yourself, the more you will become attractive and magnetic to the things you want to manifest.

Self-love guides you to engage in thoughts and activities that bring you joy. It encourages you to seek the company of people who appreciate and uplift you. It emboldens you to value your skills and talents. It inspires you to demand the best of everything for yourself.

You want to feel good about yourself? Affirm to yourself something you love and appreciate about yourself. And it can be anything, from the intellect, physical, soulful, right down to the whimsical. All it takes to put a smile on my face is for me to remind myself how “I love my button nose.”

So what is it that you love about yourself? Some of the warm fuzzies may be:

•I have a good head on my shoulders. Brains and glossy hair too!

•I love that I am excellent at my job and my clients are in good hands.

•I pay my bills on time.

•I make time to have long relaxing baths.

•I love that I smile at the checkout people.

•I love that I nurture myself with good food and exercise.

•I make the best pancakes ever! I rock.

•Even though I am short tempered, I love that I am willing to improve.

Did you notice the self-acceptance there? Allow yourself to feel and be loveable just as you are today.

Also tell the Universe, what you are worthy of:

•I am worthy of good friendships.

•I am worthy of a successful career.

•I am worthy of a loving partner.

•I am worthy of good health.

•I am worthy of financial abundance.

Another way to practice self-love is through doing things that make you feel good. If you enjoy walking, then go for a walk. Watch your favourite movie. Go for a massage. Read a book and clean the house another day. Eat your favourite cake. Maybe even bake it. Call a friend and chat for an hour. If you have been getting to work late and it’s been causing you stress, then get up earlier and start your day relaxed.

Bottom line is do things that are going to make you feel good, or just plain better. What those things are will be different for each person.

Every time you practice this self-appreciation, you will be directly connecting with the power that creates worlds and impressing upon its mind your worthiness to receive the good it has in store for you.

I will leave you with these words of wisdom by Amanda Owen “The world will give only as much as you can receive.”


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