The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness

Do the people who have wronged you deserve your forgiveness? What about you? Do you deserve the mercy that comes with forgiveness? Sixty-two percent of people say they need more forgiveness in their personal lives, but the majority of those same people say forgiving someone would first depend on the wrongdoer apologizing and making changes.

Emily Hooks challenges us to take back control. The Power of Forgiveness  provides a comprehensive how-to guide to forgiveness as a healing practice. She makes the crucial point that, for us to be the most empowered versions of ourselves in the world, we must prioritize our healing. Forgiveness is the most important path toward healing that we can undertake.

Inside the pages of The Power of Forgiveness, Emily offers a sound and reliable roadmap to forgiveness. Through a mixture of inspiring firsthand accounts, parables, spiritual and philosophical wisdom, and practical exercises, a detailed case is made for the transformational power of forgiveness to open individuals to more joyful and peaceful lives.

The book is made up of three distinct parts. Part I engages the reader in considering what forgiveness is, and what it isn’t, and why it is so important to participate in this powerful and often misunderstood, process. Part II reveals the framework and process. Emily offers readers a comprehensive roadmap, with a series of written exercises and guided meditations, toward forgiveness. The structure she provides helps to strengthen the competencies we need to forgive fully.

The final section of the book discusses concepts related to forgiveness that deepen our understanding of the healing practice. In considering the impact of personal forgiveness on the world around us, Emily shows us in great detail how people who practice forgiveness in their daily lives have the capacity to heal both themselves and the world.

Through this book, you will learn that rather than perpetuating the suffering so widespread today, you can choose to create a world filled with people willing to be fully accountable for their lives and offer back something more. When we do our part in healing and releasing the wounds of the past, we can finally embrace our highest truth: love.

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About the Author | Emily Hooks

Emily speaks on forgiveness and self-empowerment through personal narrative, sharing her extraordinary story of survival through childhood abuse, addiction, and a close-encounter with slavery. Her first book, The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness is a comprehensive guide to forgiveness as a healing practice. She makes the crucial point that forgiveness is the most important path toward healing we can undertake. Her mission is to inspire to others embrace forgiveness and take a stand for creating a more compassionate, fair world. We cannot create change in the world without first creating it in ourselves. Emily has an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. When she is not traveling, she spends her days working with coaching clients, writing her next book, Beyond Forgiveness: Implications for a Forgiving World, and selling real estate in Austin, Texas. Her son, Zach, lives in Austin too, and still inspires her to reach for the stars.

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