When You Think You Have It All Figured Out…Think Again

Get to know Truthteller Angela Caraces, a messenger of encouragement and inspiration who bases her teachings on her own journey to awakening. Angela uses nature and a heart-centered approach to help others reconnect with their true selves. She is passionate about sharing nature’s innate wisdom, and also talks about how we can access the mind/body connection to tap into our own innate intelligence. Angela  discusses her work counseling people dealing with infertility issues and also discusses how she works with horses to help her clients move through roadblocks.

click to tweet “Our gut and our heart brain are more perceptive than our head brain.” – Angela Caceres

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About the Author | Angela Caceres

Angela Caceres is a personal development educator who helps others in their journeys to self-discovery, empowering them to live at their greatest potential with deep connection and authenticity. Angela specializes in a unique Equine Assisted Personal Development modality. Find out more about her at www.angelacaceres.com.

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