Turn Your Pain into Power

Truthteller Ashley Cooper shares the turning point when she realized it was time to share her story and inspire others to face their fears. She talks about her history of depression and suicide attempts and recalls the vow she made at the age of eight: to use her experiences to make the world a happier place. Ashley describes her journey of waking up, and how scuba diving and weeks spent in silence snapped her out of her destructive thoughts and into a clear space of knowing. She shares her unique Pain to Power Program, in which she helps clients meet their pain in order to experience empowerment and liberation.

click to tweet “One of the greatest gifts that us as women can do is give to ourselves. ” – Ashley Cooper

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About the Author | Ashley Cooper

Ashley is an inspirational speaker, author and empowerment coach who has dedicated her life to helping others unlock their full potential. She’s the founder of “The 6A method" and the 6 week program "Pain To Power™”

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