Vibes: The App That’s Been Missing from the Apple Store

After using numerous dating apps, I found myself going through the same pattern: I would download the app, find the coolest people I could come across, and then try to befriend them. The method did not always work, but it got me thinking about how I can’t be the only one doing that. It wasn’t until I downloaded Tinder and noticed how users would include in their bios “looking for friends only” that it clicked. There isn’t an app in the market dedicated to individuals who are looking for friends. After doing research, I noticed how others’ apps would try to gear toward that direction but would still stay within the dating realm.

I wanted to create an app that wasn’t gender restrictive and would simply show users everyone that was around their area who were also looking for friends. I wanted an app that would help the individuals who were moving or even visiting new cities to have the opportunity to meet new people. I wanted an app that would cater to college students who were going away from home and starting college with the hopes of meeting new people. With all these criteria in mind, I created Vibes.

The idea behind the name and the layout was a very elaborate one. In order for individuals to like one another, they have to be able to “vibe” well. For users to continue to have a friendship, they should have chemistry, which is also a concept that dictated the layout.

Vibes App Santa MonicaDon’t get me wrong: Dating apps are great for finding love, but love can come and go, while good friends are for life. Having a good friend by your side when life gets tough is essential, and everyone should have a good friend by their side to help them go through bad and good times!

Vibes recently launched in the Apple Store, and we have over 250 users already. As you can see in the image I’ve included here, hundreds of people in Santa Monica were taking pictures of the projected image—and some even came up to the Vibes Team to tell us what a brilliant idea this was. We did not receive any backlash, but instead, surprised the people who came up to us, who were very impressed when we explained to them what our app is for and what it does.

I want Vibes to have an impact on people, bigger than the app itself, and allow users to connect with people around them to make friendships that will be genuine and long-lasting.

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About the Author | AJ Sanducci

AJ Sanducci is a pre-medical student who is currently applying to Medical School during the 2017 cycle. AJ loves meeting new people and learning about different types of cultures.

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  • DeBonis Karen

    What a great app! I’ve had transition periods in my life where I realized I lacked friends with whom I had “vibe.” I could have used this, and if I ever need it again, I’ll know where to go!