You Are Not Alone

Truthteller Lisa Kohn shares her unusual upbringing in a modern-day cult and how her experiences and personal growth have inspired her to write a memoir and to become an executive coach, helping others to show up fully in business and in life. Lisa talks about pausing to bask in the joy and beauty found in everyday life. She urges us to express life through new eyes and to ask how we can shift our perspective to view the world and each other from a place of love. Her zest for life, her joy, and her conviction that we each have the power to choose how we show up for life is inspiring and empowering, and I know it will be as uplifting for you as it is for me!

click to tweet “I felt like if I can tell my story and someone else gets hope out of it than it’s all worth it.” – Lisa Kohn

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About the Author | Lisa Kohn

Lisa Kohn is the author of a memoir, To the Moon and Back, due out September 18, 2018, that chronicles her childhood – growing up in the East Village of New York City in the 1970s and in the Unification Church (the Moonies). Lisa writes of her recovery from the emotional abuse and abandonment she faced, and her now life of hope as a thriving and happy mom, wife, and leadership consultant and coach. You can read more at her website,, where you can also download the first chapter of her book.

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