Your Business Mirrors Your Life—and You Can Change It!: Nicole Lewis-Keeber on the Your Messy Brilliance® Show

I’m honored to bring you this edition of the Your Messy Brilliance® Show with my new friend, Money Mindset Master Nicole Lewis-Keeber.

I met Nicole at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco earlier this year. I was immediately struck by her clarity, wisdom, and compassion—which are perfect for helping entrepreneurs understand their unique stories and release unconscious blocks.

Nicole has a background in therapy and life coaching. Using a conversational, engaging, humor-infused approach to complex challenges, her talks and coaching programs guide business owners, coaches, and healers to reveal and release their barriers to having a business they love and that loves them back. Nicole explains that these blocks always have origins in clients’ past experiences.

“Our biggest teacher is our self,” she notes, “and our businesses are playgrounds for the choices we make.”

We talked about Nicole’s twists and turns through her own business, and how her challenges in childhood inspired her to understand the nature of people and what motivates us and makes us shine. She also shed light on what it means to get to the bottom of our belief systems so that we can move beyond our trauma.

I hope you enjoy our conversation, which also inspired me to remember that resilience is the gift of our trauma—and that it’s always possible to shift your relationship to your business and to yourself!

And be sure to check out Nicole’s articles, which you can find on Medium and on her blog, at

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3:40 Searching for a new way to help people

5:00 Nicole’s epiphany: “I’m in a place where I love my business but I don’t feel it loves me”

7:20 Moving into self-responsibility around what we’ve created

12:30 The power of writing a love letter to your business

14:24 The blocks and blind spots (especially perfectionism) that hold women back

16:50 How your business can be a gateway for healing

20:00 What it means to stop hiding and claim our power and visibility

22:18 “Little t” trauma and how it impacts us in unseen ways

26:30 How to stop re-traumatizing ourselves

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About the Author | Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Nicole Lewis-Keeber MSW LCSW has combined her therapy background and coaching training to assist entrepreneurs in taking the trauma out of their business. Nicole believes that you can heal yourself through your business and has created innovative approaches to doing just that. She is a lifelong learner and overcomer of the impact of trauma. She has a loving husband and 3 fat happy cats.

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