Awaken Your Greatness

My mentor says frequently that running a business is a spiritual journey; It will show you all the places you need to heal. She wasn’t kidding.

I’m an accidental entrepreneur. The fact that I run my own business today is a perfect example of how things don’t turn out the way you expect them to.

I took business classes in high school, and it was drilled into me that small businesses fail. The message was loud and clear: Get a corporate job because they pay better and are more stable. So, I did just that. I got the corporate job making good money. Check. I drove a nice new car that I loved. Check. I was blessed enough to marry a great guy. Check. We had a mortgage for a good home. Check.

From the outside, my life was pretty darn great. It checked all the boxes. But on the inside, there was a heaviness I couldn’t shake. It was like a heavy, wet blanket had been put over me and I couldn’t get out from under it. I was stressed out, in a constant state of overwhelm—and thanks to a particularly terrible boss, I was on anxiety and depression meds before I turned 30. I gained 90 lbs. in 9 months, which was a mystery to my doctor. And suddenly, I was pushing almost 300 lbs.

Just about anything was a trigger, and everything became a big deal. I was quick to get angry and even quicker to cry. Tears would stream down my face as a sort of release valve. On paper, my life was great. But I was frustrated or sad most of the time. I was driven for success but was filled with despair. I couldn’t deny there was an empty feeling, like something was missing.

I recognized that this is the time when many couples decide to have children; They may think having kids will fill a void. Long ago, I’d made a vow to myself that my family cycle of abuse was going to end with me, so I decided to start therapy instead of following the common path to parenthood.

Through divine intervention, I found my therapist, who became more of a spiritual teacher than anything else.

It was in the basement on “O” Street, in my therapist’s office, that I healed my wounds from the tragedies of my childhood. I healed from sexual trauma and abuse; physical, mental, and emotional abuse; and the guilt, shame, and blame I’d placed upon myself.

During my therapy process, I began to wake up from the numbed-out-zombie status I had been living. Part of my awakening included feeling an unshakable homesick feeling. It wasn’t homesickness for my family home from my childhood or a specific geographic location, but rather, a spiritual homesickness.

It was through my therapist that I discovered my spiritual community. The basement on “O” Street was a portal to a secret women’s spiritual community. It was like my own personal version of Narnia. It was full of magic and wonder, and I felt free there.

Even though these women were strangers and I knew nothing of their ancient ways, for the first time ever, I felt home. I cried the entire week, even though I couldn’t articulate why. It was as though my body was weeping at the feeling of returning home. The aching homesickness I’d been feeling was satiated when I stepped into circle with these women.
Through these years, between therapy, coaching, and being in this community of wise women who walked impeccably in the world, I learned many things.

I learned….

  • Woman’s Way and the foundation of feminine leadership principles.
  • To honor and love myself completely. This includes even loving my moon time each month.
  • That I am worthy simply because I exist. We are born worthy and there’s no magic formula for doing enough that earns us a “worthy” badge.
  • How to be in my integrity, as well as in the constant practice of having my words, beliefs, and thoughts in alignment.
  • Radical accountability. It was a hard concept to accept—being accountable for everything in my life—and even harder to actually do.

In this circle of women, I learned I was powerful beyond measure.

There’s magic that happens when women gather together in circle. A magic that comes from being truly seen for the greatness that lies within. Being seen for your greatness heals your soul.

After years of being with women who saw my greatness when I could not see it for myself, I found myself transformed into the woman I was always meant to be: confident, open, vulnerable, humble, raw, real, playful, powerful.

My path led me to manifest my dream job that, while amazing, was also highly stressful. Through another divine intervention, I was laid off from that job and decided to take the leap of faith to get my coaching business off the ground. It was never my plan to go into business for myself, but when the news came that my job was going away, the pathway seemed clear.

Even though I had grown a lot already, my business required me to grow at a quicker rate. Having learned the value of sisterhood and mentorship, I invested in a high-powered mentor and coach who laid the foundation for how to run my business according to my feminine nature. This was a total game changer for me and marked the time I really started to flourish.

I’ve dedicated my life to seeing the greatness in others so that they, too, may heal their wounds and flourish. So they can be the fullest expression of their authentic self and make a positive impact on the world.

The world is calling out for our greatness. Will you answer the call? If you do, I’ll be by your side, cheering you on and reminding you how great you really are.

About the Author | Aubrey Armes

Aubrey Armes is a women's executive coach who teaches women how to be unapologetically brilliant and leverage feminine leadership to eliminate the burnout, frustration and overwhelm that comes with demanding careers and lifestyles. Her unique ability to work on multiple levels (business, leadership, spiritual, emotional, physical, human design) allows her clients to uplevel in big leaps, quickly.

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