The Best Is Yet to Come

In my life, I have had many conversations with women from all different walks of life. And I find one of the common questions that I’m asked is: “How are you able to be so confident and sure of yourself in what you do?”

I always tell them that my journey to becoming a confident woman did not happen overnight. I’ve had times in my past where I felt unsure of myself, and I felt that I was in the middle of an identity crisis as I attempted to figure who I wanted to be in life and what my purpose was.

Eventually, God allowed me to find out my purpose through prayer, because I used to seek validation from people, thinking that made me who I was. I realized through life and obstacles that I faced that you have to learn to love yourself and validate yourself.

When I started the journey toward getting my associate’s degree, I felt that I was just going with the flow and doing what I felt was necessary, but I wasn’t following my dreams to own my own business and be an entrepreneur. After going through several degree changes, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and follow my heart.

Recently, I launched my e-commerce business online for high-end organic oils. I was very hesitant in the process of launching it, because once again I was comparing myself, saying to myself that “so many people are ahead of me, so this doesn’t even make sense.”

But when I started thinking like that, I was allowing negative energy and thoughts to influence me. I had to go against my fear and doubts and know that I had everything I needed to succeed. Most of all, I had to stop comparing myself to other people, because we all have unique qualities. What I offer makes a difference, because there is no one like me.

So, I often tell the women I encounter that you can do anything you put your mind to. There is no one like you! You have to believe that whatever you have prepared, you will achieve it. I’m thankful that I went through this process because I would not be able to be here if I didn’t.

I will be graduating this year from University of Central Florida with my bachelor’s degree, and I now have an e-commerce business at the age of 24. And I believe the best is yet to come.

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About the Author | Philesha Bene

Philesha Bene' is a young entrepreneur of Deliver Me Oils Corporation, and a lover of life, She honors God, family, and her purpose in life. Her long-terms goals are to be a successful entrepreneur and an influencer of women of faith.

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