3 Keys to Boldly Making Life Happen Workshop

Below is the replay to the Three Steps to Boldly Making Life Happen workshop. Thank you to everyone who attended. The replay will only be available until Sunday, February 21, so be sure to watch it!

This workshop gives you the tools to release your past, embrace your present, and transform your future—all by boldly claiming your truth.

In this powerful workshop, you will:

+ Learn techniques that will help you take inventory of your life with curiosity, not judgment.
+ Create a strong connection with your body and develop your intuition.
+ Make powerful choices that will encourage you to take bold action and move forward with purpose in your life.

Learn more about Truthteller: A 5-Week Course for Boldly Sharing Your Story here.

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About the Author | Kelly McNelis, LLC

Women’s advocate and bestselling author of Your Messy Brilliance.

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2 comments to "3 Keys to Boldly Making Life Happen Workshop"

  • karla martinez

    Hi my name is karla martinez im leaving in nyc a very bright and loud city. But i’m not like that im full of fear of sharing my story and being loud. My friend ivonne send me the link to enroll on this program she jas faith in me. I starting to ask questions to my self and i realize that im stronger than what i though, much powerful than i though and more WOMAN than a though. I’m Not going to be able to take the class but i will like to know if you can recommend a good book to start writhing and sharing my story. I will appreciate it. Have a bless day and God bless your work.

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      Women For One

      Hi Karla,

      Thank you for reaching out to Women For One. We are happy to learn that your friend Ivonne brought you to our site.

      Women For One Founder, Kelly McNelis has a book coming out at the end of the year that will give you the tools you need to begin to share your story.

      We feel that learning to speak your truth is something that requires work, the support of a tribe, and a guided journey. Although we love books we believe the experiential journey is worth so much more…

      This is the first course that we are launching and we are seeking feedback from our community. Would you mind us asking why you won’t be able to take the course?

      Thanks again for reaching out!