Born to Be Love

“The only thing we ever really want is to be loved by someone, with the same ferocity in which we love.” —J. Iron Word

I don’t care if you’re right or left,
Or if in confusion you stand.
I don’t judge if you believe in God,
Or if in religion you’ve given up.
The color of your eyes, hair, skin,
Never mattered to me.
Neither do I care,
About the languages you speak.
Where you come from, Where you live,
The car you drive, The clothes you wear,
Little do I care.
Who are you,
Stripped down to the core?
I crave the realness of your soul,
Your true self,
The image created,
Before you were even born,
The image of love.
The love you were as a child,
Little person with a big heart,
Who had to grow up,
Throw away the game,
Shield the heart from pain,
At the bottom of those layers,
Hidden innocence remains,
Screaming to break free.
You still listen to “You and me.”
You still believe in meant to be.
Despite the turmoil,
I hear that joyful song,
We used to sing along,
In the backseat,
Windows down,
Two fools cruising around,
The wind touching our hair,
Life was the fairytale!
Happy memories,
Friends, family.
The tears; the scars and scrapes,
On elbows and knees.
The mud; worn-down clothes,
Stubborn child,
Who refuses to give up on love.
The first kiss,
Beautiful blushed cheeks,
Captivating blue eyes,
Contagious smiles,
The red swing under the cherry tree.
You still believe in meant to be.
You still listen to “You and me.”
In the ocean of life,
A boat fighting to survive.
Wrecked, broken to pieces,
Sails to reach the land.
You look up and pretend.
Whether you pray to universe or God,
In your heart, you still hold that spark.
Ignite your fire; burn bright.
Stop running from your light.
Let it warm the whole world,
During the winter’s cold.
Let the noise fade in the dark,
Put your hand on your heart,
Feel the hopeful beat,
Slowly trying to speak.
You are alive!
You are here!
Born to be love!
Divine force, electric soul!
Stop the violence and war,
The bullying and despair,
Thinking life is unfair.
Let’s make love and art instead.
Forgive and forget.
Work on math, science, medicine.
Talk about stars, astronomy.
What a dreamy reality!
Listening to “You and me.”
Believing in meant to be.

Ersa Llakmani

About the Author | Ersa Llakmani

Ersa Llakmani is pursuing her passions in writing and architecture. She is a dreamer, lover, and fighter—a hopeless romantic. Ersa is a sucker for marathons, Spartan races, and boxing. She has been writing from a very early age in her native language, Albanian. She finds inspiration in nature, people she encounters in her travels, everyday human struggle, love, and life. She is an untamed soul, a unique event in the universe.

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