Choices Today, Challenges Tomorrow

I usually write in Arabic because it’s my native language. I find it really rich and I can come up with endless expressions and meanings out of old words. But this time, I chose to write in English.

So this is it. I mean, this is what we do right. This is what life is all about, making choices – small and big ones – decisions based on whatever reasons we’ve got. These choices become later challenges to test our strong will and abilities and determine so many other parts of our lives.

Life is like a game to me, you know, with stages and levels of playing: easy, medium, and hard. Personally, I have always considered myself a hard level player, you know why? I will tell you, hard choices are always the right ones in order to keep your high morals, integrity, and above all, self-respect. Hard decisions need to be made.

Sure, sometimes I surrender and take the easy way out, little deals with the devil in order to have shortcuts to happiness. But every time I do it, it blows up in my face. It turns out to be a bad choice and comes back to bite me in the ass, and I take responsibility for my bad choices.

Whether it’s a good choice or bad one, you take the responsibility of that choice and you’re going to have to live with it. Everyone needs to pull their own weight in this life.

Now let’s talk about hard choices. Sometimes they turn out to be fun. Take my study, for example. It’s a really weird lifestyle. Architecture students become bats, or better yet, zombies. We never get much sleep and there is always something to do. Social life? Yeah, right. What’s that?

But I have to say that I have met the dearest people to my heart here, people whom I care for deeply. I have lived countless adventures, gone through the weirdest experiences and, sure, I have had my setbacks, but that’s what forged my personality and made me the person I am today. I think it has turned out to be juuuust fine.

Hard choices can hurt like hell, like when you leave the person you were to become the person you are – when you leave the person you love because they are causing more pain than bringing joy. You are no longer their choice, rather a moved-on choice.

Choices today are changes tomorrow, and most of all, they are challenges. My advice to you is to keep being honest to yourself and you will always make the right choice. Take responsibility for your choices, but most of all, have fun as much as you can. Life passes by when you are too busy thinking about your options, so have fun and take responsibility.

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About the Author | Hiba Edahdeh

Hiba Edahdeh is 25 years old and soon to be a graduate in architecture, inshallah. She is full of dreams hopes, and has every intention to achieve them.

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