Go Clean, Sexy You

Besides the collection of delicious 100 seasonal recipes,Go Clean, Sexy You is a gift for every women; a gift that sparks the act of listening to your body, the wisest part of you in order to live the healthiest and happiest life possible.

I have been cleansing with my community for over five years, and thousands have witnessed the power of using whole foods to clear clutter in our bodies so we can heal and see our truth clearly.

By leaving behind the substances that clog up our cells (sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten, alcohol, processed foods), you can witness feeling energized and positive, as well as light and focused. Each time you clear the clutter within your cells, change happens, and it is long-lasting—at a soul-level.

Go Clean, Sexy You offers a holistic approach on how to live a healthier life, choosing whole foods, detoxing every season, associating with people who fuel you instead of weigh you down, and managing stress to bring you back to balance.

Instead of obsessing over sugar grams, counting macros and calories, and stepping on a scale, my desire is to teach women how to truly tap into their bodies’ wisdom and learn how to listen to what feels good, not so good, how things shift and change.

This is where you can become free from worrying about your food, and instead make peace with it.

In Go Clean, Sexy You, you’ll enjoy 10-day cleanses that are safe and effective for each season. You’ll connect to your body’s wisdom, form sustainable habits, and develop a loving, respectful relationship with your body.
Truly listening to your body is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and I’m honored to be with you on this wellness journey with you.

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Lisa Consiglio Ryan

About the Author | Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Lisa Consiglio Ryan is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and CEO of Whole Health Designs, which provides detox programs, plant-based and gluten-free meal plans, and private coaching. In Lisa's book, Go Clean, Sexy You, she provides seasonal detox plans and clean recipes for those wanting to jump-start healthy living. Lisa loves green juice, yoga, and hanging out with her family.

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