Holiday Gift & Charity Guide

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.  -Richard Bach 


Dear Women For One Community,

As we head into this busy time of year, we wanted to share our good wishes with you for a beautiful holiday season.

We wish you…

Safe Travels to and from your loved ones

Time for yourself to reflect on what this time of year means to you

Healthy food for you to enjoy & share with others

Open doors and open hearts inspired to choose love over fear

Patience with your family, friends and community, as they are your greatest teachers

The ability to be present and enjoy the energy this season offers

Quality time with all children and the wonder this holiday brings to them

And most of all…

We wish you a sense of peace, calm and understanding of what is important to you.

Please enjoy our Gift Giving Guide for the holidays that offers unique gifts and creative ideas for giving charitable donations as gifts to your family and friends.

Click here for our gift guide:
Click here for our favorite charities:

Sent with Love,

The Women For One Team

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