When Your House of Cards Crumbles

In this podcast episode, When Your House of Cards Crumbles, get to know Truthteller Ginny Taylor, a writer, mentor, and founder of Women of Wonder, as she shares how a childhood tainted by sexual trauma led to several bouts of depression decades later and ultimately enabled her to get down into the roots of her experience and her truth. Ginny explains how she supports other women in healing by encouraging them to uncover their most cathartic stories through writing. She unpacks her “Wonder Compass,” the safe space she has created in her online sanctuary.

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Ginny Taylor House or Cards Crumbles

About the Author | Ginny Taylor

Ginny Taylor knows first hand that life happens, changes happen, and so do new beginnings. 

Over the years, Ginny Taylor has learned a few things about life changes and the hopelessness and chaos they create in our lives.  She knows that simply “getting over it” or “bucking up,” is not the right answer. Instead, the answer lies by going inward because that’s the journey that will gracefully open the path from our old life into our new one. This healing journey is never easy or simple. Yet with the right navigational tools and guidance, it’s a transformational journey worth every step. At Women of Wonder, Ginny empowers women in life-transitions on that journey towards their new beginning. Her signature program Emerging Butterfly: The Power of Writing Through Change offers women knowledge about the normal transition process and provides writing opportunities for that inward trek where women can begin to let go, heal, and discover their opening to a new way of being. Whether the life transition involves divorce, grief, retirement, menopause, or any other traumatic event, Ginny's workshops and 1:1 mentoring guide women through the chrysalis of change to emerge with their own unique wings. Learn more at Women of Wonder.

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