How a Pushy Engineer Turned into an Inspirational Cowgirl

Meet Truthteller Wendy Bohling, a sassy, extroverted engineer-turned-entrepreneur, whose belief to go big or go home helps her to motivate women to stand tall in the workplace. Wendy shares her powerful story of being sexually harassed as a high-level employee in the corporate world, and how she learned to “cowgirl up” to pull herself up from her lowest point. She offers practical advice on turning our greatest weaknesses into our greatest strengths, and explains her vision of how men and women can work side-by-side in balanced, supportive environments.

click to tweet “Women need to be advocates for the combined compliment of us working together.” – Wendy Bohling

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Wendy Bohling

About the Author | Wendy Bohling

Wendy Bohling is a speaker, thought leader and corporate consultant on gender intelligence and inclusive leadership, CEO of Corporate Cowgirl Up and author of Cowgirl Up: A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Corporate Frontier. She has spent more than 30 years as an executive in the corporate trenches at some of the top telecom Fortune 100 companies and healthcare IT startups. The metamorphosis from computer engineer to social scientist and the vast diversity in her professional life set her up for this bigger work of gender intelligence. Wendy is an extroverted engineer with a B.S. in mathematics and M.S. in computer science. She is blessed to live in Louisville, Colorado with her 17-year-old daughter and 25-year-old son.

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