Keys to Positive and Radical Change

Have you ever thought to yourself at some point in your life, “How did I get here? What happened to me? I used to be happier, healthier, and confident.” This experience leaves many of us feeling nostalgic for the past and yearning for joy and peace in our present lives. It’s as if we went to sleep as our happy, comfortable selves and woke up as a person we don’t recognize. This uncomfortable feeling is the need for change and personal transformation. But with change of any kind, it takes time and patience. Change is usually and most often a product of consistency in our beliefs and actions.

Its not easy to acknowledge that change needs to happen.  But when you do, change is not an option – its mandatory. One of the most difficult parts about making any change is following through with small steps towards our goals each and every day. Small shifts are the keys to positive and radical change.  Sometimes it can be challenging to identify places in your life where there is a need for more consistency. Think of a few areas in your life that you would like to make a change. Here are tips to help you incorporate consistency into your life to promote positive and radical change.

Love and Relationships Devote a specific time each week to connect with someone you love. No amount of time is too small; just commit to consistently showing up at the specific time for yourself and the other person.wf1_banners_connect with loved

Wellness Identify and commit to one small change that you make consistently daily. It could be as simple as adding a glass of water to your diet to promote detoxification and hydration, or getting an extra hour of sleep every night.wf1_banners_consistent change

Self-love Negative self-talk creeps up and steals your precious moments of peace and happiness. Make a vow to consistently feed yourself a dose of positivity. This could be a mantra to start each day such as “Keep your head up and your heart open.” or “Go slowly and be kind to yourself.”wf1_banners_selfcare10 

Be Patient Positive and radical changes in your life come with small, consistent shifts.  Ask yourself, how YOU can be more consistent each day. Remember to go slow with self love and to patience. Focus on what is most important to you and set a small goal each day.wf1_banners_selfcare11Make a choice to shift your life daily.  We want to hear from you! Share with us how you are going to commit to consistency and make that change!



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