Living a Discolored Life

December 23, 1998

My birthday
Came to this planet Earth
Opened my eyes for the first time

A baby
Who was loved by everyone in her family
Because babies are the most precious gift of Allah to a family

But when you start to grow up, people find flaws in you
You look ugly
You look fat
You look dark
You look too thin

These comments! These are hateful words. Using them against another human being is wrong and shameful.

I will share my story.

I have suffered from a skin disease since my childhood. It began when I was eight or nine years old. My relatives see me as abnormal because of this skin disease. The disease is some kind of discoloration. It has nothing to do with my health, and no one can be harmed by it. It is not contagious. In fact, it’s more like a skin condition rather than a disease.

I’ve felt broken many times in my life. I was emotionally disturbed for three years. I had no support because I was simply fighting with myself, thinking, Why me? Why do I have to suffer so much?

It’s not my fault I am suffering from a skin condition. No one chooses to suffer. No one chooses to bear pain. It’s destiny. No one is perfect in this world except Allah. No one can help me except Allah. No one listens to me except Him. No one cares for me except Allah and my family, so I shouldn’t care what others think of me.

Be yourself. Love yourself.

I live a normal life now.
Because I am a normal person
and I know better.
I will live for myself.
I love myself.

About the Author | Anonymous

Anonymous broke free from an emotional breakdown after realizing her skin condition is not her fault and is not a flaw.

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