Love at the Threshold and Beyond

I stand at the threshold

carrying the weight of holding on to a love gone wrong

possibly just wrongly interpreted,

But we’ll never know till we really let go.

Standing here with my insides shaking

I decide to finally lay this marriage down to rest.

At this threshold

I lay down the chains that bind us by duty, fear, and comfort.

At this threshold

I lay down this project of prying hearts open

While ignoring my own heart’s desires.

At this threshold

I lay down all my demands of you,

All the pushing of you,

All the convincing of you,

And all of the efforting that I deemed that love required.

I lay down all of my judgments and my blame.

I lay down my fears and my grief of letting go of a dream I thought I wanted,

And as I prepare to cross this threshold

I take in sight the vision of the Great Eastern Sun

The direction of Spirit’s path,

And although the path isn’t quite clear, I trust it is there.

I trust that in this fall

I will be caught by God’s grace.

I prepare to take the most frightening step.

The next one,

This step where my boat is cut from its moors

and I’m left to drift away at sea

Venturing into the Great Unknown,

Where dreams that I may never have conceived are born.

Darkness surrounds.

I find that the lighthouse is within.

Beyond this threshold lies freedom,

Crossing this threshold I will find love,

Love not dressed in illusion.

Love after love.

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About the Author | Dina Gregory

Dina Gregory is a teacher, writer, artist, and activist. Dina likes to blur the lines between her public and her private life and yearns to be as real and as honest as she can be in all of her interactions. She pushes boundaries to show that we are boundless and divine. When she isn't teaching or writing, you can find her sweating her prayers on the dance floor.

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12 comments to "Love at the Threshold and Beyond"

  • Beautiful. Thank you for your courage to live your truth and to share your story. Julie

  • Brenda Johnson


  • Dana you have a way with words that inspires others. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing. Amor sister xo

  • Trudy Ranly

    This touched me in a special way…about my own marriage.Thank you…I have already felt the healing begin! A slight but certain weight just lifted off of my shoulders! Thank you again,and sending blessings and faith to you in you journey .

  • Debbie

    Dina…you made me cry with your courage. I love you, sweet girl

  • Kip Livingston

    Dina is a true spiritual warrior in every sense of the word. Her words act as the tip of the samurai’s sword. She is a shining example of why I believe it is women and the divine feminine that will save humanity and Mother Earth from the brink of extinction. Thank you dear for leading the charge.

  • Eva Geisler

    tears rolling down my cheeks as i read it over and over again….powerful, beautiful, heart wide open.

  • Nandini

    Amazing Dina. Such truth indeed. So glad you were chosen as the truth sayer for indeed you say it so well.

  • Tamara

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful, strong courageous words, Dina. I love you so much and what a beautiful example to all for taking the leap necessary to continue on your path for the highest good. A dear friend says, “If you look for the net before you jump, you will never see it. You jump, and then the net is there.”

  • Soleil

    Thanks for sharing, Dina! :) You’re words are inspiring!!

  • Diana

    You are so courageous, wise and poetic! I wish you the most beautiful horizon ahead full of adventures to uncharted lands that otherwise you wouldn’t know., and through the deep waters may you feel and witness the abundance of life!

  • don cox

    beautiful! I really love this piece. keep writing