Spring Renewal Part II

Why do we all go back to a sleeping pattern during the cold season and wake up during the spring? Because we all belong to Mother Nature.

We have been conceived in a universe that moves with the laws of creation, that obeys cycles and seasons. There is a time to create; there is a time to rest. There is a time to be outside, to express outside of yourself; and there is a time to be inside, to stay within and live inside of yourself.

There is always a correspondence between the inner world and the outer world. There is a reflection between inner and outer world. What you see outside is reflecting what is happening inside of you.

There is no energy in this world that does not obey to the mechanism of fluidity, of magnetism and reflection between the energies. There is no accident.

Nothing is lost — somewhere, all is living.

You are part of nature.

You are nature.

And nature has its laws of creating and being.

The seasons are one aspect of the cycles of energies in the world. But also the planets are moving and sending us different energies as we live here. We are part of a whole and we live through energies that sometimes surprise us.

We have to sail in this ocean of life, embracing the changes, receiving the soft and light energies, riding on the creative energies, and also knowing how to sail through the unexpected winds, storms — being like the reed, loving the wind.

We frequently receive the winds of change, often very unexpected. They always show up when the energies in you are staggering. The old needs to shift, creating space to the new, the fresh, the light.

There is no way around it. We have to choose how we want to live the transformation. We choose to refuse change or embrace change. As the wind of change blows into your hair, you can ignore it and say, “I am not interested,” but the old energies in you will be more and more heavy and the energies of creativity will be low, revolving in circles. This staggering is not healthy, and often the whole energy of your being will suffer, be it in your body or your spirit.

Listening to that wind is listening to your soul. Your soul is merged with the higher forces of spirit, of nature. They know with invisible eyes that the energies are shifting in your life, they are blowing around you, bringing the news your life is shifting.

Embrace that news, that gift.

Listen to all. The outside world will show you signs. Your inner voice will give you hints of frustration about the things you need to address, change, transform. You will be invited to see some new possibilities for yourself.

The courage for shifting. That is what you need.

Know the shift is just an invitation to be more yourself, in a lighter way, cleared from old unnecessary energies, things, thoughts, obligations, judgments ….

As soon as you enter that bubble of change, taking your own courage, you will feel the well-being! The shift will allow the light to enter again into your own universe.

Courage takes only one step. Then the energies of hope, of release, of joy will help you along with all your choices.

Bonne chance.

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About the Author | Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy is a frequent Truthteller who has learned that passion, purpose, and happiness aren’t outside of us; they are within. She is an inspiration and a testament to the power of listening to your own inner voice. She reminds us to be fearless and act on our own intuition.

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