Traveling Against Your Fear: Dream Velocity


Fear is the ultimate driver. You ought to do exactly what you know you are the most afraid of doing. Some even say it might guide you towards the awareness of your ultimate purpose.

As I travel to San Francisco to attend my dream Writer’s Workshop with Marianne Williamson and Reid Tracy, I am feeling the discomfort of expansion in the face of the unknown. And it feels GOOD.

I am embracing my fear with compassionate and valiant arms.

I know that I am on the path of masterful growth. Digging deep into my capacity to soar towards brand spanking new heights of my destiny.

That fears surges always when we expect it the least. But what shall we do? Shrink back in littleness? What is the source of discomfort after all? The apprehension of not landing safely onto the strip of my grandiose dreams?

For the first twenty years of my life, I thought that my existence was destined for a mediocrity of pursuits. Fear was the despotic guardian of my actions. Not reaching for higher thoughts of probability within the space of my own heart.

I will not live with regrets. Regret is the perennial poison of the heart. Regret is a downward cycle of shame, self-pity, victimhood, internal defeat.

The most perfectly proactive antidote to regret? An indomitable will to live within a space of quantum movement. Moving onward.

The most beautiful gift of our humanity is our free will. From that vast well, everything is set ablaze.

It is the pivotal point of control of our world as we experience it. At any given moment, we can regain velocity by reconquering our will and channeling its integrity towards our ultimate target/finish line, Love.

With our will, we get to elect which world we behold. The ever-changing lens of our human perception.

We elect which power we trust and embody. Do we embody trust in the self-correcting, altruistic Universe OR do we painstakingly settle into a shrunken expression of faithlessness?

Life is going to live itself through you no matter what. Travel against your fear and enter the auric field of your dreams.

Which side of fear will you dance on?


Lyna Jones


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About the Author | Lyna Rose

Lyna Rose is an author, a happy mama, and a creativity coach who is spending one year in Provence to complete her upcoming book and to study natural self-healing. Passionate about creativity and feminism, she is launching a blog based on all things nourishing this Summer called Shalom Rose.

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