WF1’s New Vision: Inspiration, Truth and Learning

Attention Women For One Community! The year 2012 is starting with quite a bang for many of us! Can you feel it? I wonder if it is something in the universe? As we wrap up January, we are completing our first giveaway to generate interest and momentum in our movement. Today is the last day to “Share” a picture or quote or any posting on Facebook to be entered into a random drawing tonight at 10 pm. We have selected 12 phenomenal books as our favorites and we will be sending them to our winner! Good luck!

I am truly ecstatic about the future of Women For One and the positive effects our movement is already having on a large community of inspired women. My team and I have been intensely soul searching as to what impact we would like for Women For One to have on the world.

We are proud to share our future vision for Women For One in 2012!

WF1’s vision is to create a safe space for all women to share their struggles authentically so that others can imbibe the lessons of each woman’s personal experience and truth.

There is too much division, hiding, “looking good” and inauthenticity in our world and awareness – especially for women. I believe we need more truth, openness and transparency about our unique struggles and lessons… with this comes support and a feeling of UNITY. My dream is that each and every woman share her own experience so that we all create a rich and supportive network for the beautiful and powerful women, young and old, in our world. I want to start one person at a time, one experience, one truth, one lesson.

This month Women For One will begin sharing courageous stories of women who are sharing their words in hope that it will touch and support each of us in a unique way. We are inspired by our sisters who have submitted incredibly valuable experiences that have empowered each of them to move into a sense of gratitude, create a stronger resolve to enjoy life and enjoy a peaceful and more loving world as a result.

We are all pioneers of our own growth and experiences. It takes courage, love, authenticity and ACTION to grow into more peaceful and joyful mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, partners and most importantly, individuals. Thank you for being pioneers for all of us by having the courage to join this movement of Truth, Inspiration and Authenticity.

Women For One has touched thousands of lives in the last 8 months… I am asking YOU to help us grow that number into the millions by sharing our site, writing to us about your experiences and giving us your feedback. The step you are about to take is courageous, wise and inspiring.

With Great Respect and Love,

Kelly McNelis Senegor & The Team at Women For One

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